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Happy April Fool's Day!
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Default Absolutely HUGE collection find!!!!

Good morning blowout! I am currently home from college on the holidays and i decided to scrummage through my old card collection from when i was a kid. I was big into a ton of various card games such as pokemon and Yugioh. I sold most of those collections off years ago. Only keeping a few pokemon cards from when i first started collecting. I was sarching through some of the boxes to stumble apon my Duel Master collection. That has a big part of my life in middle school. I remember one of my close friends of mine going to tournaments around the state and we were quiet good. i was in many tournaments finishing in high places winning a bunch of packs, boxes and rare cards.

I did a little research this morning and come to find out that the cards have been discontinued since 2006, and some of them go for quiet the pretty penny on ebay.I decided to pull out all of the holographic (rare) cards from my collection and see what they would be worth. I based my pirces on the one that most recently sold. Each card ranged from $1.00-$100.00!!! After a few hours of adding all the prices up i could not believe how much potential the collection had! i have about 200 holographic cards, as well as thousands of commons (which i did not research). The grand total of the holograph cards came out to be.....


Since i did not expect a number near this, it has been a while since i added some high end stuff to my pc and i am just thinking on what it can bring into my collection. There are a few cards in the collection that i will be keeping (like 2-3) because it was really all these old cards that got me into the sports hobby. who would of thought....

i am currently getting ready to leave to hang out with my friend but i will upload some pictures later, including some of the notable ones that went for $50-100 a piece!!!!

thanks for reading!
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Happy April Fool's Day!
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It's always great to find hidden gems in your own collection.
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