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Default Reaching out to the Blowout community on some homework help! History!

Ok fellas, here is the deal. Have my last final of my undergraduate program tomorrow, about freakin time. I have this test, they give you three questions, two will be on the test, pick one and write a freakin novel on it.

Anyways, the question is, in a nutshell, discuss three major changes in values and behaviors that have occurred for American families since the 1960's.

I am going to write about marriage and how it is changed (cohabitation, gay marriage, higher divorce rate, ect.) and the role of women (women work, sometimes breadwinners, ect.). I need one more really good one to write on.

Any help from the pros?

By the way, history is my hobby. That's why this is in hobby talk!
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WAAAAAAAAY wrong section.
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Once upon a time, I was awarded a BA in history

I'd suggest the evolution (and possible devolution s/p 9/11) of ethnic/racial tolerance.

You will probably write about the same three topics as everyone else writing this question

Edit: I kind of glossed over the actual question, haha. You can't blame me, my wife and I just finished our 20 hour, two day long, last step of our general medical licensing boards yesterday and I'm tested out. If its about families, how about the change in the role of the child.

Good luck!
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this is non-sports TRADING CARD hobby talk
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Maybe you can talk about how technology has changed the way that families communicate with each other (cell phone/texting, social media)
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deleted. don't want to cause problems...
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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
this is non-sports TRADING CARD hobby talk
To be fair, even the guys running the site have problems with that

We're the Island of Misfit Toys up in here
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