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Default Anyone knows Pennies?? Need Help

okay so i am trying to finish a penny album and i have no clue what is the difference between this:

1982 Cop. Lg. Dt.
1982 Cop. Sm. Dt.
1982 Zn. Lg. Dt.
1982 Zn. Sm Dt.

How do I tell the difference between this 4?

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There is no easy way to see the diference between the Large and Small dates on the coins.

Your best picture and description may be in "The Red Book" titled -

When I lay the two specimens side by side it is easier to see than a picture.

If you lay a dozen down face up on the table get a good light source and a magnifier, chances are you will notice the difference.
I use the number eight as the identifing characteristic. The openings in the center of the 8 look larger on the large date and it extends slightly above the other numerals, higher than on the small date specimen.

To sort them I put them in holders (like Tuperware cups) in front of me and mark them as large and small. Then I compare the rest of the 1982 Cents I have to them as I continue sorting.

Found this on a coin site. Maybe it will help

Now with the two lots, I start Weighing. The Copper Cent weighs 3.11 grams. The Zinc Cents only weigh 2.50 grams each.

The same dies were used for the copper and zinc types at both Denver and Philadelphia. So there is no Large Date/ Small Date difference in style between the two metal types for strike.

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Go To ClicK On Departments GO DOWN TO LINCOLN CENTS And Go To Date Guide. Then You Can Select 1982 And They Have The Different Variaties.


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Thanks for the help
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