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Off Topic This section may contain threads that are NSFW. This section is given a bit of leeway on some of the rules and so you may see some mild language and even some risqué images. Please no threads about race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. Please no self promotion, sign up, or fundraising threads.

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Old 07-10-2012, 12:20 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Viacom vs Directv

DirecTV to Drop 26 Viacom Channels at Midnight on Tuesday, July 10 – Blog.Viacom

Looks like at midnight 26 channels might not be on Directv anymore. These deals always end up happening at the last minute but are any of you Directv subscribers worried they won't? If they do expect your bill to get a nice little bump

The biggest on this list has to be NICK and Comedy Central
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noticed this last night
honestly wont miss most of their channels if gone
i saw something thats vicom wants 1 billion bucks in increases

spike very few shows i watch
comedy central are they relevant anymore ... they show the same movies over and over agian
mtv/vh1 ect would be doing the world a favor
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did some googling about this and found a link where someone was asking Directv to dump AMC next. LOL.
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Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
did some googling about this and found a link where someone was asking Directv to dump AMC next. LOL.
AMK, that would be hilarious
All of those Walking Dead fans would riot
Granted seeing them riot would be the humorous part as I still have this preconceived notion of MOST WD fans(None of the members here of course...:P )that has the mother's basement appearance
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