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Off Topic This section may contain threads that are NSFW. This section is given a bit of leeway on some of the rules and so you may see some mild language and even some risqué images. Please no threads about race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. Please no self promotion, sign up, or fundraising threads.

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My guilty pleasure is busting wax.

Also included is Jack Daniels, and pretty much any kind of spicy hot chips
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Originally Posted by jusdukky View Post
My guilty pleasure is busting wax.

Also included is Jack Daniels, and pretty much any kind of spicy hot chips
minus the Jack, i agree with this!

i'll substitute Jack with Sweetwater 420, which is a local ale in Georgia. I have a friend bring me a case each time she swings back through my town on the way to our hometown.
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Originally Posted by btimm View Post
I started following Robyn O'Brien on Twitter when a friend retweeted something she said and I found it interesting. She sometimes gets a little nuts, but you can get some interesting information from her. One thing she mentioned that kinda hit home, although I have not verified it as fact is this: "30 years ago, the US paid about 20% of their income on food and 5% on health care; now Americans spend about 5% of their income on food and 20% on health care." That was pretty interesting to me and makes a lot of sense, even if the numbers may or may not be exaggerated.

If what I see from my company is any indication, it seems we will be moving towards a high deductible insurance. I am all for that change. If I rarely go to the doctor or get meds, then my cost is very low; if someone goes all the time, then their cost is significantly higher. Then it becomes what it is supposed to be: insurance. You don't use your automobile insurance for a $300 ding because of the deductible. It is to be used for an actual event that you cannot pay for. Health insurance should be the same imo.

Anyways, long rant aside, I think if people spend a couple dollars more on their food and watch their diet and exercise, they will recoup those costs via healthcare. Obviously there are exceptions, but I think this would hold true for most people.
I was working out 3-5 days a week and eating healthy with the exception of my mt dew addiction when I was diagnosed with cancer. I have meet my deductible and co-insurance (which I think is the biggest joke ever) every year for the last 6 years with the exception of this year but I still have to get a CAT scan so I should meet it. I only had used my insurance no more than 10 times the previous 6 years.

I agree prevention is key but someone in my generation out of all my cousins, etc was destined to get cancer because of the extensive family history and the supposed skip a generation theory.
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Originally Posted by jusdukky View Post
My guilty pleasure is busting wax.
I always feel guilty busting wax unless it's with a gift card or consignment credit....or if I pull something worth more than the box .
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Diet Mountain Dew especially after not having any for a while.
Once it hits your lips, it's so good!
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Wild Cherry Pepsi.
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