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ToppsCollector1 01-05-2013 10:00 PM

A song Parody
I was bored today so I came up with this thing here. Alice Cooper is one of my favorite artists so This song I wrote is about ebay and all the scams here. I thought it would be kind of funny. Heres the song its based on.

[url=]Steven - Alice Cooper - YouTube[/url]

I dont want to see a scam
I dont even want to sell there
I will log off my account
Until they go away

Ive only sold a few things on this site
I must be dreaming please stop stealing

I dont like to hear of crimes.
You just dont know how deep that gets me
So I will cover up my eyes
Until they go away

Ive only sold a few things on this site.
I must be dreaming please stop stealing


Theres someone scamming me
I see their name


A sad and worthless crook I feel no pain

I dont want to see them cry.
If thats the way that you live life
Ill alert cops to your crimes
And then youll go away

You scam a bunch of people all the time
You must be stealing, please stop stealing


(Someone Scamming me?) No.

I think I see a scam, I must learn more


I see a scam


Someone Shilling me I get outbid

What do you want? (Repeats)

Ebay (Repeats)

I hate this place

What do you think?

mmbtvs 01-05-2013 10:05 PM

This Steven guy sounds like a real jerk. :mad:

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