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Default Computer Buying?

First, I will state that I know very little about computers.
That being said, I am looking for a lightweight, smaller sized laptop that is great for travel.
And, of course, I would like to keep the cost down. My company would be paying for this, and they are bigger on big brand names. I currently have a HP weighs 6 lbs and is about 14.5 inches X 10.5 inches.

Any recommendations would be great!
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is there a limit on price?
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lightweight laptop... great for travel... your company likes big brands...

MacBook Air

I will step out of this thread before the Fandroids and Microsofties comes in with their Apple hate.
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The answer for me is always iMac

iMac > anything ever invented
Some things you should know before dealing with me:
1) My first offer will be my only offer.
2) If you can't ship within 48 hours I do not want to deal with you.
3) If we are making a trade, you will send first.
4) If you don't respond to my pm, you get put on my ignore list.
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Lenovo Thinkpad. Best bang and durability for the buck.
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Macs are most reliable and smallest to carry. You spend a lot of money on them because they are worth it. You get what you pay for

If you can't get an MacBook Air then you are looking at a windows. Get a 14 inch so it is easy to carry around. However. Brands DO NOT matter when it comes to windows. They are all built the same essentially. You can buy a "dell" one month and then buy the same "dell" two weeks later and it has different manufacturers in there.

Apple operating systems an apple computers are the most secure because they have the most control over how they are made. Eventhough they are made with seagate Samsung lg and others parts

Overall. What is everything you plan on using this for? What work programs? Any videos? Will you ever be using Netflix? Price limit?
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I'd go with the Mac as the obvious choice like everyone else said. Just super pricey. But if company if paying and they like big brands, perfect.

Other than that, my gf recently bought a new HP laptop. Not sure what model but i know it has beats by Dre speakers built in and was about $700. Decently lightweight, fast, overall really nice.
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Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
lightweight laptop... great for travel... your company likes big brands...

MacBook Air

I will step out of this thread before the Fandroids and Microsofties comes in with their Apple hate.
There's another group of people that are more concerned with bang for your buck than the OS running said hardware...I'm in THAT group.

OP, buy what you can afford. Don't get a Chromebook, cause it won't be convenient for you. Windows 8 is great and all, but Windows 7 is, too. Apple designs solid hardware, but you pay for it. If you're going Windows, the Lenovo recommendation is a great one.
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If you are trying to watch how much you spend get this:
It's easy to find the Office Supplies, Copy Paper, Furniture, Ink, Toner, Cleaning Products, Electronics and the Technology you need | Staples
I just got it today and i'm using it now. Its very thin and doesn't weigh much. Use coupon code 53009 to get it another $100 off. If you have any questions about it you can ask me.
But if you don't care about price, get a Macbook air
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plus one of these

This is a clown forum, bro.
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