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I agree with it. Lets face it its hard to go over all the sports and name 1 player player of the decade.

Football - Brady, manning, LT even, maybe defensively ray lewis could be considered
Basketball - Kobe, even lebron maybe - Kobe could get some here he has been the basketball player of the decade in my opinion
Baseball - Bonds, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, and Johan Santana could all be thrown into the loop So I wouldn't go here because too much to chose
Hockey - No real clue on hockey but I haven't heard of the next coming of the great one so I doubt its here
soccer - in usa. no
tennis - Roger Fed but again you have the whole nadel thing

then you have the interesting jimmie johnson argument vs tiger. Both have dominated their sports. 06-09 champ. Now I feel this has some recent effect because before 2005 you had a few players doing quite well.

Tiger woods hands down is the best golfer out there. 54 ? wins in a 10 year span has never been achieved before. I can almost guarantee if the personal issue came into place this wouldn't be as huge of a argument

Shout outs to Phelps but I would still go tiger. Lance armstrong makes a strong case as well because he was just as dominant for over many years but since 2000 till now nobody has dominated his sport like tiger. If you want to argue if golf is as hard as football go ahead, its considered a sport and it was voted this way. This is why I feel you shouldn't compare players across sports.
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Phelps would and I think he got the Yearly award, but no Decade.
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Football- Tom Brady
Baseball- Albert Pujols
Basketball- Kobe Bryant
Hockey- Alex Ovechkin (maybe Kovalchuk but there hasn't been a decade-long impact player)
Racing- Jimmie Johnson
Golf- Tiger Woods
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Originally Posted by longdriverstl View Post
LMAO! Youve obviously never played competitive golf...I agree 100% with you on the yelling part! I think that would be great! In the "sport" I have half a** try to compete in music and yelling is strongly encouraged. lol However thats not part of golf. Now if it was then Tiger wouldnt be complaining when cameras go off and people talk in his backswing. Do you think that Tiger is the only one that gets pissed when that happens? No. You just hear or see him do it bc hes "Tiger". Also what does playing with your own money have to do with anything??? Does Lebron or Kobe play with their own money? Or does Peyton or Farve gamble? You wana talk about pussies how bout football?! You might as well make the NFL, NFFL. National FLAG football league. I mean we can go ALL day arguing on what the criteria is to be a sport and you and I may disagree. But face it golf IS considered a sport so therefore they ARE athletes.

checkers is a sport.

As for competitive golf. I dont like the culture,rules and pussies in golf and never took lessons but shot 73 a few times. We used to golf with basketball shoes,shorts and t-shirts when most courses wouldnt usually allow "spikeless" shoes on course. I know its changed and the golf world is more "funky and stylish", but "people" that shot 90-100's and act like they are putting for $5,000,000 is just too irritating. I have seen crappy golfers pull out "range" scopes for 150yd approach shots and change clubs 3 times,etc........ Just ridiculous. As for the PGA "teaching" They only stress out losing to us "scrubs" that think golf is a passtime and joke about PGA club

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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
Football- Tom Brady
Baseball- Albert Pujols
Basketball- Kobe Bryant
Hockey- Alex Ovechkin (maybe Kovalchuk but there hasn't been a decade-long impact player)
Racing- Jimmie Johnson
Golf- Tiger Woods
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Wow, 7 for 7!
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