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BAMBAM 02-22-2008 05:04 PM

Case Breaks, Listings, Sales etc.
Let me start off by saying this is not meant for or about any one or two people on this board. Not trying to single anyone out this is just some friendly advice for all newer members. :)

Its getting ridiculous with all the case break posts, spamming listings and selling posts from members with ZERO board credibility. While this board is not Beckett's and hopefully never will be towards new members, there has to be some type of understanding somewhere. Most people will not take you seriously if you have 8 posts and their all spamming something of yours.

Everyone on here was new at one time or another and you had to establish yourself and feel your way around until people got to know you and saw you as a straight up guy. Going all the way back to the old boards, I don't ever recall someone posting that they got beat on any deals and I think everyone wants to keep it that way. Obviously I'm not inferring that the new members are a bunch of thieves, I'm just saying that you need to build up your credibility before you can expect people to want to deal with you and send you their money. Try contributing in other ways than just selling or wanting to do breaks. People tend to ignore you if you are just selling something all the time. Get in on others breaks, post some opinions about products or sports in general, get in a fantasy league or maybe make a few trades or purchases off of other members.

Hopefully this helps because speaking for myself, I would like this board to remain as great as its been for the past few years. You can get alot out of it if you don't alienate everyone from the jump. Lots of good information, good people and of course nice p.c. additions or extra money can be made if you establish yourself. Don't be in such a rush and force yourself on people because all it does is turn people on you where they could care less about anything you post.

[B]I hope this is taken as some friendly advice and not as some old member taking shots at newcomers. If I'm out of line with this I'm sure the old heads will rip me good but I'm just speaking my mind as usual.[/B]

Sheetzman 02-22-2008 05:12 PM

just echoing bam. i was new a month ago and since then i have made 1 trade 1 purchase and been in 2 breaks. the key is here zero sales. i knew that i had to show i was trustworthy to a few people and with that comes respect. once people know your a good guy/girl you can really gain alot from these boards. so well said bam, and as a "new" memeber i agknowledge that his advice is good.

flobert1205 02-22-2008 05:33 PM

I would also go out, buy some boxes, rip them and post the results! Get some feedback from those breaks and watch for others to break boxes to comment on! That's how I started! Talk about the hobby with others too!!!!

Bam - spot on with your comments! As much as I would like to rip you apart, you're right :)

go_steelers07 02-22-2008 06:43 PM

BAM........ most of the time i can't even complete a grocery list without getting distracted. you obviously put some thought into it before posting. and i am glad that you did. in no way was that out of line.

call it board etiquette or whatever you want, but sometimes when the kids want to sit at the grown-up table during Thanksgiving, they need to learn to keep their elbows off of the table and chew with their mouths shut. and sometimes the only way for that to happen is to say it before dinner.

i hope this thread gets pinned at the top.

hockeyjunkie99 02-22-2008 06:51 PM


You didn't mention the ladies!!!

sidelinecards 02-22-2008 06:57 PM

God job Bam- Needed to be said!!! I was starting to think this was getting more and more like the other board.

Tim 02-22-2008 07:39 PM

Thanks Bam for taking the time to speak for a lot of us.

frozenntimesports 02-22-2008 07:55 PM

Just don't be afraid to post. Don't just lurk.

CaptainBOHICA 02-22-2008 08:07 PM

...and unlike the other board......[B]HIGH POST COUNTS MEAN [U]NOTHING [/U]HERE![/B]

CaptainBOHICA 02-22-2008 08:11 PM

...and seriously.. if you're going to ask, "what should I buy..."... at the very least, tell us what you are thinking at that point (i.e.... "im thinking i should buy _____ because_____") instead of a blanket question (i.e. "what should I buy?) because it'll help spark more discussion for your thread, which is good for the community all together

jacobbigshow 02-22-2008 10:13 PM

[QUOTE=CaptainBOHICA;42549]...and unlike the other board......[B]HIGH POST COUNTS MEAN [U]NOTHING [/U]HERE![/B][/QUOTE]

Maybee you regulars should get a post of the veteran guys which I mean which guy has had the most case breaks, which guy do this, and etc. I am new here for a few months as well, but I am starting to be a regular. However I still don't know many of the guys, and who does what and stuff....just a thought

Karl 02-22-2008 10:58 PM

Bam - Lol!

You echoed what my brain has been thinking for a while. On the old board I had some odd thousand posts or whatever and last week I got someone I never heard of saying "you have only 80 posts so why should anyone trust you for a break". LOL!!!!!!!!

I wish I still had the link to that post they had on the "other board" about me that was about 5 or 6 pages long last year that spawned the bazillion "I hate Karl" emails!

LOL!!! I think for any case breaks I do I'm going to make one little post here and then keep updates on my site. Sometimes it seems there is too much activity in certain part here.


sammyw 02-23-2008 04:21 PM

I agree with you Bam even though I am just doing my first group break with Karl and even though I have not yet traded etc. I do not open hardly anything because I primarily sell boxes and supplies at local shows. I have found that I have extraordinarily bad luck when it comes to opening wax so I stay away. I however, have been reading these boards for a long time and think the board is great. Perhaps having said the stuff I just said I should not comment but I feel I must. This board has changed dramatically. You are right..we all are new at some point but it seems now that newbies just want to sell their stuff or do breaks which are in some cases already being done by someone else. At times what should be a discussion turns into what can be called verbal abuse. I used to read every thread posted but now I skip more than I read. That's too bad because there are some very bright folks on here who's opinions are important, educational, helpful and varied and although I try to read just what I think is important it gets trying to sort thru all the garbage. Sorry if I stepped on anyones toes but I have been thinking the same stuff as Bam for awhile now.

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