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Question Does anyone sell on Amazon?

I'm exploring career ventures that may involve selling on Amazon. Does anyone have any experience? If so, what do you sell and can you detail your experience?

How difficult are things compared to eBay? Are the buyers tougher to deal with when it comes to being satisfied with products? How does Amazon treat it's sellers compared to eBay?

Would the Amazon format be a quick learn? Can anyone sell? Is it difficult to sell Used items vs. New items?

Thanks in advance!
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I sell through COMC...but I'm guessing that's not what you're looking for. Regardless, GL!

I know we do use Amazon Prime for instant video stuff. And also it's kinda funny...they're so close to us (our local shipping center) that when we select instant prime shipping it actually gets to us same day as first class or later due to weird shipping issues. Like if you lived 400 miles away you might get a package faster than me. Amazon is still awesome...that's just a weird thing we found out.
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I sold on Amazon around 2005 or 2006. It's been a long time and my experience is probably dated. I just know that the horror stories of eBay buyers are right on par with what I dealt with as an Amazon seller. With zero recourse to defend myself back then. Not sure if that's changed. I just know I eventually gave up and donated my entire supply to Goodwill.
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I sell stuff on Amazon and have had a reasonably good experience (100% feedback).

Fee structure is different than eBay, but, you are only charged once the item sells. You can list as much as you want (for free), and I believe the fees are based on "category" of the item being sold (i.e. electronics is a certain percentage....books is a certain percentage, etc.). They will also give you a partial credit for shipping. As a seller though, you automatically agree to ship out your orders within one business day. After your first sale and grace period, I can transfer sale funds into my checking account whenever I want to. Usually shows up within 2-3 business days.

One of the negatives I have about Amazon though is you can't sell anything / everything. For example, if you were to sell "name brand clothes", whether it's new or used, you may not be able to sell unless you are a "legitimate business" with a license and/or brick and mortar type of store. I used to be able to sell previous versions of computer software when upgrading to the newer version.....can no longer sell. Trading go. You can apply to sell in said categories, but, you will need to provide them proof, sales data, etc. in order to be approved. Basically....anything that they sell, and can cut into their profit margins....they will need to approve. They also want to make sure they cut out any "counterfeit" items being sold. But saying that....if you provide them sales data showing you will sell a certain amount within a said category, along with providing UPC codes, and other pertinent information....they will more than likely approve you.

Start out with some things you have laying around the house (i.e. electronics, books, etc.). If anything, use it as another revenue stream!
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I do FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). Just send the item to them and its similar to how COMC works. When you learn to use the apps retail arbitrage can be a nice way to earn a little extra. There are items at Dollar Tree that are easy sales on Amazon for 4.00 to 7.00 each.

The buyers are a different breed, but ion some ways they can be more hard on their sellers than Ebay is. However a lot of that is solved by the FBA agreement.

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