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blowe12 03-11-2012 05:28 PM

ESPN Fantasy baseball (auction pay league 1 spot open))
Hey, thanks to some awesome interest on this forum, our pay league on espn filled up relatively quickly. I know this should go on the "other fantasy sports" tab of blowout, but not enough people view that area, and I got the majority of my interest posting here.

With that being said, one member of our league has reconsidered and decided to drop out. This leaves us with 9 members, so we need a 10th guy to filll the league up.

The draft date is next Saturday, March 17th, at 2:00 EST.

The fee for the league is 25 dollars.

25 x10= 250 dollars, and prizes will be allocated in hobby boxes from blowout.

If anyone is interested in filling this tenth spot, please message me immediately. Keep in mind that all members of the league have agreed to paypal the money prior to the draft next saturday, so you would have to pay the paypal sometime before then.

Hopefully we can find a guy to fill the league up!

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