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Default Need trade advice

Need some advice on which trade to accept, if any. Its an 8 team ppr league. Instead of having a TE slot there is 3 WR/TE and a flex. The following is my team and the offers sent to me.

My team
Antonio brown
Steve Smith
Lance moore

The trade offers


Big Ben
Miles Austin

Big Ben

Big Ben

Personally Im leaning towards the first one. Being able to get Rice would be nice but at the same time my team is lacking in WR's and the last three, although they are 4 for 1 and 3 for 1s look tempting to fill in some spots. Any help is appreciated> Thanks
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When I evaluate trades I look at how much it will improve my starting lineup. Let me get this straight about your league first. You have 3 WR/TE spots so you could start 3 TE's if you wanted to? Or you have 2 WR spots with a WR/TE spot?

Also is your flex spot - RB/WR or RB/WR/TE or RB/WR/TE/QB?

Your current starting lineup is:

QB - Brees
RB - McFadden
RB - Murray
WR/TE - Jennings
WR/TE - S. Smith (assuming its the Carolina Smith)
WR/TE - Gonzalez
WR/RB - Sproles

Here is how I would analyze

QB's - If you are trading away Brees, your starting QB will be RG3 since Vick or Big Ben are not as good fantasy wise IMO. So at your QB spot how much better/worse is your team with RG3 vs Brees. I would say it's a downgrade with RG3 as the starter(unless of course you can start a QB at your flex spot but I am going to guess it's a standard RB/WR flex).

RB's - Trade 1 gives you an upgrade in Rice over McFadden. I'm not a big fan of Spiller now that he will be splitting time with Fred Jackson so I like Murray and Sproles more.

WR/TE's - V. Jax, is boom or bust on a week to week basis. Gronk would be an upgrade.

Overall the trades wind up becoming this after you take out the players who will be sitting on your bench.

Trade 1 - McFadden, Brees FOR Rice, V. Jax (V. Jax and Sproles would likely be swapped in and out at your flex spot)

Trade 2 - Brees FOR Gronk, Austin (Austin and Sproles would likely be swapped in an out at flex)

Trade 3 - Brees FOR Gronk, Spiller (Spiller, Demarco, Sproles would likely be swapped in and out at RB2. Gronk would bump S. Smith to the Flex spots most weeks)

Trade 4 - Decline

Personally I would decline all of the trades and focus on trading RG3. Brees is a proven stud so turn RG3 from a bench player into a Gronk/Austin deal. I doubt you can get Ray Rice with RG3 but that would be worth a shot as well.
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