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Default 1942 2003 SPA - What the?

Oops, the title should say 1492, not 1942. It wasn't a WWII special.

I'll start by saying that my favorite sport to collect is golf, even the lower end stuff. So when I was lucky enough to get one of the boxes I was the most excited I've been in a long time. And with seeing the other breaks and everyone pulling extra auto's, I though I had a good chance of at least pulling a decent rookie like Ochoa, Annika, and who knows maybe even a Tiger.

Well, I'll stop rambling on and just list the hit. Yep, that's right, the hit (singular).

Sign of the Times: Jesper Parnevik

Only one autograph. I honestly felt sick to my stomach. The front of the box says you're supposed to get 1 rookie auto, 2 other auto's, and a jersey card.

I think I know now why other people have been getting extra hits, they were supposed to be in my box. I've never had an issue with UD before, but I don't usually open cases of stuff like some on the site do.

Lastly, I'm assuming there is nothing I can do about this since it's such as old product, but I wish I could get some replacements. Has anyone tried complaining to UD about such an old product recently, and how do they respond?

Thanks for reading my little rant.

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I'd try e-mailing UD since it appears they will be producing golf cards again in 2010.
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