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buckycap 03-05-2014 08:37 PM

2014 WWE 6 Box and Some Hot Packs Break!
Here are the highlights of 6 hobby boxes and a bunch of various hot packs. Pretty happy with the pulls. Thinking the Roddy Piper belt might me a SP as I haven't seen any on eBay. Almost everything will be going up on eBay with BIN/BO Prices. pm me if anyone is interested in anything.
[url=]wwe3514 001[/url] by [url=]buckycap[/url], on Flickr

kingofkings487 03-05-2014 09:09 PM

Very nice breaks do u have any stone cold inserts for sale

buckycap 03-05-2014 09:12 PM

[QUOTE=kingofkings487;6827135]Very nice breaks do u have any stone cold inserts for sale[/QUOTE]
I haven't gone through the rest of the cards yet but if you can wait a day or 2 pm me your wants.

RYBOWSKI97 03-05-2014 10:55 PM

pm me a price on cena, if i dont ask my son will have a fit.

ScottT87 03-06-2014 04:00 AM

PM me prices on all autos and printing plates. Many thanks!

rhammond24 03-06-2014 05:55 AM

pm sent lmk

buckycap 03-06-2014 11:27 AM

The Cena auto and Natalya Kiss card have been sold. The HHH Plate is currently in my PC but if anyone has to have it feel free to send me a crazy offer ;)
Everything else is on eBay with BIN/BO prices.
I also have nearly every shirt relic if anyone needs any of those pm me your want list.

goldenegg1 03-06-2014 12:21 PM

I have a Ryback relic if you need it for a set or anything.

jmarascojr 03-06-2014 05:59 PM

pm sent on the luke harper, thanks!

imthegrinch 03-08-2014 02:21 PM

piper is sp

ufcwecfan 03-08-2014 06:03 PM

Rae kiss and cena auto, pm me a price! Thanks

bootan 03-08-2014 06:25 PM

can i have a price on the silver haper and whatever kiss cards u have left plzzz

buckycap 03-08-2014 07:10 PM

Everything has been sold, pc'd, or is currently on ebay.

hbk47 06-25-2014 02:15 AM

do you still have summer rae kiss card??

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