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I now can finally start hoping - however small chance it is - that 'Taker autographs be inserted into this product. Even better if he can hard sign the cards.
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I've purchased one box each year that this product has been available, but not too sure about this year.

It was disappointing that they dropped the number of autos from 10 to 8 last year and it doesn't help sell the product again this year.

I believe I broke even the first year, while being able to keep the Sasha Banks 1/1 that I pulled.

Last year, I pulled a Luke Harper 1/1 (PC'ed), but otherwise did not come close to breaking even, even at a lower price point ($20 less than the year prior)

With this being the "high end" WWE product, the re-sale price of the low numbered autos and 1/1s (golds or reds) is VERY disappointing.

Hopefully they'll appreciate with time.
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Originally Posted by bjho852 View Post
I now can finally start hoping - however small chance it is - that 'Taker autographs be inserted into this product. Even better if he can hard sign the cards.
He will be in it unless something falls through.
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Cool if taker is in it!!!
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Bought a box each of the last 2 years. The first year, my box wasn't bad, but wasn't great either - middle of the pack, pretty much.

The box last year, was god awful. 6 of my 8 auto's were diva's, the lowest numbered being a Brie Bella /50 (if I remember right). The 2 male auto's were just as bad - I wanna say it was Konnor and Tyler Breeze. Needless to say, it was pretty bad and after that catastrophe, I'm not sure if I'll buy a box of 2017.
*Collector of Paxton Lynch, Raymond Berry, Marvin Harrison auto's, Archie Manning & Colts auto's!* Paxton Lynch PC = 206 auto's, 41 1/1's; Colts Auto's = Lost Count
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Two years ago I hoped this product was going to be WWE's answer to something akin to Topps Museum Collection. Higher-end than most WWE products, but not crazy high-end, and would hopefully feature wrestlers that were normally hard to get or were older fan-favorites.

Alas, that was not to be. I think it's a nice product (though this year's design is a little too "Strata Baseball" for my tastes) that does hit that mid-end feel, but I think it's slightly overpriced and doesn't quite live up to it's promise.

I still think there is a market for a high-end WWE set, but I think there's too many impossible-to-achieve factors that would prevent it from becoming a reality, much less a classic set that would hold value (monetary and sentimental)-

1) Topps would have to keep it a truly limited product and not run it into the ground, which they inevitably would (look at any high-end baseball release they produce).

2) Topps would have to be able to release something with all on-card signatures, even on event-worn/used material cards.

3) Topps would have to make a product that was filled with the desirable names collectors would want and expect in a high-end product and not fill it with rando rookies and jobbers.
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if they continue doing 4-5 sets a year the values are just gonna keep plummeting minus the 'hot people' at the time.
please pm for faster response
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