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Originally Posted by HartFan View Post
11 Fords and 18 Chevys in the 500 and Ford got 1/2/3. I would say WOW also.
Ford has NOTHING to catch up to. Catch the standings. Ford is in 1st and 2nd. Than a Toyota, THAN a Dodoge, Than FINALLY a chevy
With their being WAY more chevys than any other manufacture in ALL the races, its funny to me to see them last in points
And your 10yr old ass "calvin & hobbs" peeing on whatever is front of him is pretty lame. Didnt facebook have anything more creative for you to steal from them??

Next week Edwards in the top 5 Maybe 1st. Will we be seeing him due his famous flip again? Im sure most people dont remember him doing his sumersalt to a back flip after winning one of his first nascar races
LMAO I didn't steal it from facebook, I stole it from photobucket!! Also Ford did great for the 1st race of the season, I'm sooo happy for you. What I'm talking about is the Manufacturers Championship which Chevrolet won for the last 8 years straight (2003-2010)!! Talk to me again around October or November & we'll see who is eating words my friend.
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With Chevy having way more cars in NASCAR than other Manus the odds are way in their favor of winning it. its common math. But Yes Ill be hear at the end of the season. But Ill also be here ALL year long after ever race just to remind you. Also who is your driver, with Chevy having soo many drivers to choose from, im sure youll just choose the first chevy driver who does something worth while. Plus chevy has more noteable drivers in their cars, which ups their odds of winning. but for some reason I didnt see any of those drivers near the lead when it counted
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