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Beautiful man. I have never seen that Hacksaw before. Yep...time to get the other sets, lol.

Originally Posted by bootan View Post
heres a few of my wrestling all-stars in bgs slabs, i mainly have mine in PSA slabs because thats the way the market likes it. but like I said above PSA for vintage BGS for modern.

image search
2012 TNA Reflexxions on card set COMPLETE! Thank you everyone who gave me leads, addresses, sold to me or traded. Much appreciated!
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Yep happy with the Hacksaw also, was actually thinking of getting out to let PSA grade it.

Dpeck what do you think???? could any of the above cards get a PSA 9 or 10. I Dont think the Dory would.
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It is hard to tell from the scans. I remember the Hacksaw Duggan card and I think the surface was a little off.

If you are cracking them out to send to PSA just make sure you are prepared to lose too. I have had less then a 40% cross over rate in or out of the holder so that means I have taken some losses on cards that now sit in lower graded PSA holders.

Cracking cards out of BGS holders is very easy so it can be worth the risk if you win for sure. My ultimate goal was to get as high of a GPA on my sets as possible so to me it was just something I had to do but from a dollars and sense standpoint be careful if you paid a good number for a card.

My worst hits were on Andre and Hogan cards in terms of money spent and my worst hit in terms of grade was a BGS 9.5 Kerry Von Erich that sits in a PSA 8 holder and I sent it in twice raw and both times it came back an 8. This was after sending it in with it in the holder and it not grading as I tried to cross it over.
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