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Default 2012 Leaf Wrestling Steele Inscription

Anyone have any ideas or opinions on what they would throw on this value wise? Its the only one I have ever seen but there is no numbering and all attempts trying to ask Leaf have been a waste of time. I would just like to know if this is the only one. I have had a couple people offer me $100+ for it and I need the funds but not sure I want to sell.

George Steele inscription "the animal"
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I don't know on a value but that's definately the only one I've seen since the release and I check quite often. Best of luck whatever you decide to do and awesome card!
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I saw at least one other one with that inscription that I believe was one of the ink color variations (green or red). I suspect its one of only a handful at most though and may be the only blue ink one. It may not be worth a 100 to those people anymore as the Leaf Wrestling market has cooled off considerably since the spring, but certainly should bring you more than the regular Steele.
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I'v had two offers already for $100 but I think I will probably hang on to it for now.I still only need about 7 cards for the master set but for sure not going for that on the next release. Maybe a couple of the new signers and a Hogan.
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