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Default 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper has Passed Away

At 61.

Not a good last few months for wrestling icons...
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So sad, Reportedly of a heart attack but not official.
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Its terrible news. Out of all the entertainer deaths this year this one with Christopher Lee hit the most. May he RIP
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=/ damnit.
I didn't want to believe it when I saw a link on facebook... just checked WWE and it's true

RIP !!!

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Wow! Very sad.
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Default The Maniac loves you.

I remember when closed captioning screwed up and called him Rowdy Rowdy Hyper.
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I had the honor of meeting him last year. Such a great guy. His line was one of the slowest because he took so much time talking with each and every fan. Truly a man who loved his job and his fans. This one hurts a lot...

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Man I grew up watching him. I absolutely loathed him as a kid because he was mostly a heel. It wasn't until I got older I realized the genius it took to be a great "heel" and he was so good at it, but overall he was just a damned entertaining guy to watch.
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In heaven, chewing bubble gum and kicking ass. R.I.P. Hot Rod. You were one of a kind.
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They Live is one of my absolute favorite movies. If you haven't seen it, it's like $9 on Amazon and worth every penny. Thanks Roddy.
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Wow, this one came as a real shocker. Always figured he'd be one of the guys to live forever. RIP Hot Rod, you will be missed .
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This stinks. He was a great guy. The really sad thing is that at age 61 he was considered old in wrestling years. Man I feel like my childhood is dying.
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I just heard this news right now. My favorite wrestler growing up. Dang this one hits hard. So young too. May you Rest in Peace, we'll miss ya Rowdy.
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I watched a video about him just a few moments ago, and I honestly felt like crying. There is something about him that made him one of a kind. Most, if not all, wrestlers nowadays have nothing on him when it comes to mic skills.
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