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Spider-Fan 12-27-2012 03:49 PM

Official Sketch Commission Feedback Thread (AP/AE/PSCs)
This kind of got started in another thread, but thought I'd set up a separate thread to track this info.

The purpose here is to share your commission experiences (good or bad) so other collectors can have an idea of what they are getting into when commissioning work.

If someone was on your "bad" list but later completed their obligations, please note that in your post.

I'm also going to reserve a post for the a summary list with links to the posts about them.

Hopefully this will be a good resource for those who aren't on Scoundrel or have issues with how they are doing this over there.

Artists: Feel free to respond to any feedback

(EDIT: By request, this original post by monkeymcgee was moved here.)

Spider-Fan 12-27-2012 03:49 PM

Official Sketch Commission Feedback Thread (AP/AE/PSCs)
[B]Tips for Buyers[/B]

[B]Skaughtt0[/B] has [URL=""]some good tips[/URL] for those of you who get commissions.

[B]Be On The Lookout[/B]

Note from Viceroy Cards [URL=""]regarding Carnival blanks and APs[/URL] that were lost


[B]Feedback Summary by Artist[/B]

Abar, Jeffrey : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Achilleas, Kokkinakis : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]pending[/URL]

Agro, Sam : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Alexander, Ryan : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Atomic, Jason : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Axebone : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Babbitt, Kyle : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Ballard, Paul Allen : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Basaldua, Eric "Ebas" : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Basaldua, Rick : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Bellamy, Mary : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Bergren, Dan : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Borgonos, Dan : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]pending[/URL]

Bowling, Tressina : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Bradberry, Chis "Cabbie" : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Breedon, Jason : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Brereton, Dan : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]pending[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Brewer, Molly : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Bronson, Bill : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Brooks, Mark : [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL]

Brubaker, Denver : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Calzada, Puis : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Canter, Patrick : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Cebollero, John : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Celario, Jr., Nestor : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Centonze, Geri : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Chalker, Jason : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Champion, Michael : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Chandler, Jeff : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Cherniga, Edward : [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL]

Clark, Amy : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Cline, Adam : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Coalburn, David : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Commodore, Eugene : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Cook, Katie : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Crosby, Jason : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Curtis, Ben : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Dastick Jr., Ted : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Day, David : [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL]

De Liz, Renae : [URL=""]warning[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Desbois, David : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]pending[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Diaz, Pablo : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Dietrich, Sean : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Dousset, Remi : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Doyle, Kevin : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Duron, Michael : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Edwards, Carolyn : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Engstron, Brent : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Everaert, Kelly : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Farber, Gabe : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Festor, Christoper : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Finch, Patrick : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Foreman, Chris : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Frampton, Otis : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Fulton, Chris : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Galicia, Fer : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Gaylord, Penelope "Peng Peng" : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Gerlach, Bruce : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Gilligan, Rusty : [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL] ([URL=""]update[/URL])

Glebe, Matt & Mick : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Gonzalez, Javier : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Gransaull, Danielle "Soloud" : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Gross, David : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hall, Charles : [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL], [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL]. ([URL=""]update[/URL]), [URL=""]mixed[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hamer, Chris : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hardy, Ingrid : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Harms, Greg : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Henderson, Chris : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hennemann, Rich : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hendrickson, Robert : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hernandez, Elvin : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hernandez, Gabriel : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hochrein, Anthony : [URL=""]pending[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Hodson, Erik : [URL=""]+[/URL]

John, Kevin : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Kadar, Frank : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Kelley, Tom : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Kezele, Gary : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]pending[/URL]

Kincaid, Ryan : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Kohse, Lee : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Kong, Brian : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Kourti, Natasa : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Kuang, Danny : [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL]

Kyle, Jim : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""][COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/COLOR][/URL]

Laurange, Kat : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Leak, Sherry : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Lyman, Josh : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Mangue, Leah : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Mangum, Andrew : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Martin, Billy : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Martinez, Randy : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Mason, Chris : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Maus, Bill : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

McConnell, Eric : [URL=""]+[/URL]

McHaley, Mark : [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL]

McJunking, Chris : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Mia, Studio : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Mohd, Hanie : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]pending[/URL]

Moore, Rita : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Morton, Bryan : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Murphy, Trev : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Namisato, David : [URL=""]+[/URL]

NAR! (Julio Naranjo) : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Ninaltowski, Eric : [URL=""]+[/URL]

O'Connell, Veronica : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]pending[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

O'Hare, Michael : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Owens, Rhiannon : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Pacheco, Claire : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Palacious, Angel : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Pedicini Jr., Don : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Penix, Kris : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Phillips, Jason Keith : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Platt, Spencer : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Popplewell, Ashleigh : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Potratz & Hai : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Proctor, Tim : [URL="""]neutral[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Pruitt, Joe "PohGo" : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Rabbitte, David : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Ramirez, Micahel "MRAM" : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Rascoe, Jerry : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Redd, Jack : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Richard, Sara : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Riggsby, Doug : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Riggsby, Emily : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Rooth, Mike : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Rory, Scott : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Rosales, Juan : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Ross, Patricia : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Salvucci, Rich : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Sanchez, Jose Carlos : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Sanchez, Steven : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Santos, Christian : [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]NEG[/COLOR][/URL]

Sanwald, Christine "Mina" : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Sayre, Clay : [URL=""]pending[/URL]

Schemery, Beau : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Shelton, Amber : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Shum, Howard : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Simko, Joe : [URL=""]+[/URL]. [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Siplon, Randy : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Smith, Dan : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Snell, Jamie : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Sobol, Jason : [URL=""]+[/URL]

St.Pierre, Joe : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Staggs, Cat : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Stead, Jen : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Stevlic, Bob : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Streb, Matais : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Sunico, Vince : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Tan, Anthony : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Treece, Jeremey : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Umemoto, Sanna : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Uran, Mel : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Van der Drajj, Ryan : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Vasquez, Mike : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Victor, Jeff : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Walks, Russ : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Washington, Frankie B. : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Webber, George : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Welz, Larry : [URL=""]+[/URL], [URL=""]+[/URL]

Wilson, Robert IV : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Wolfe, Marc : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Wong, Ryan : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Woronchak, Greg : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Worthington, Jason : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Zapata, Jeff : [URL=""]+[/URL]

Zirkel, Scott : [URL=""]+[/URL]

monkeymcgee 01-01-2013 11:21 AM

Here is my feedback:


1. Ashleigh Popplewell - great communication and fast turnaround
2. Randy Martinez - great communication and delivered on time
3. Frank Kadar - great communication and delivered on time
4. Lee Kohse - great communication, worked with me on a unique request, and delivered on time
5. Mary Bellamy - perfect - extremely responsive and I had my piece within a few days
6. Jeremy Treece - good turnaround, responsive when I asked for an update
7. Tim Proctor - good communication, amazing quality on the PSCs
8. Elvin Hernandez - excellent communication, great work--UD/Marvel approval was slow but that wasn't his fault
9. George Webber - great work and got them back to me exactly when he said he would
10. Joe St.Pierre - was great with updates, UD approval took forever but not his fault
11. Larry Welz - delivered on time and good communication
12. Patrick Canter - delivered on time and good communication
13. Sam Agro - outstanding communication and updates
14. Rich Hennemann -- outstanding communication and updates
15. Gary Kezel - did an excellent job keeping me updated and worked very quickly
16. Kokkinakis Achilleas - we had an issue with the initial request (through an agent), but I dropped the ball on following-up so I take partial blame. Once we got that resolved, he was great with updates and completed them within a week.
17. Puis Calzada - excellent communication even with some conventions going on, quick turnaround and did an excellent job

[B]Pending - Not completed - No Money Exchanged[/B]

1. Dan Borgonos
2. Steve Stanley

[B]Not Received[/B]

1. Edward Cherniga - [URL=""]details here[/URL]

lucky4444 01-01-2013 12:04 PM

[B]David Desbois: A++
Frank Kadar: A+
Frankie B Washinton: A+++
Charles Hall: F


1.David Desbois Outstanding communication delivered on time
2.Frank Kadar Great communication delivered on time
3.Frankie B Washington Incredible communication delivered on time

Not Received:
1.Charles Hall Item recieved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


VinnyH 01-01-2013 12:40 PM

I don't do much but...
Jack Redd from the UK was excellent to deal with last year. He had started a small sketch magazine that I bought some of. I got the Batman sketch in with one of my orders. (You would get some kind of a sketch with every 10 or so mags you bought)
I asked him about a custom Natalie Portman sketch and he responded quickly asking me what I'd like. I thought of Star Wars and sent him a couple of images of Queen Amidala. I forget the price but it was very reasonable and he sent it pretty quick.
I would definitely recommend him.

Spider-Fan 01-01-2013 01:01 PM

Another great thread Mr. McGee :) Here is a list of artists I have commissioned [U]SKETCH CARDS[/U] from.

[B][U]Completed Work[/U][/B][LIST=1][*][URL=""]Christine 'Mina' Sanwald[/URL]: +, live, multiple occasions [*][URL=""]Mary Bellamy[/URL]: +, online/email, multiple occasions [*][URL=""]Sara Richard[/URL]: +, live and online/email, multiple occasions [*][URL=""]George Webber[/URL]: +, online/email [*][URL=""]Michael 'MRAM' Ramirez[/URL]: +, eBay[*][URL=""]Joe 'PohGo' Pruitt[/URL]: +, eBay[*][URL=""]Sherry Leak[/URL]: +, eBay[*][URL=""]Jason Breedon[/URL]: +, online/email [*]David Gross: +, live[*][URL=""]Greg Woronchak[/URL]: +, ebay[*][URL=""]Bill Maus[/URL]: +, online/email [*]Eugene Commodore: +, online/email[*][URL=""]David Namisato[/URL]: +, online/email[*][URL=""]Larry Welz[/URL]: +, online/email [*][URL=""]Bill Bronson[/URL]: +, online/email [*][URL=""]Jeremy Treece[/URL]: +, online/store[*][URL=""]Jenny Stead[/URL]: +, online/store[*][URL=""]Amber Shelton[/URL]: +, online/email, multiple commissions - great to work with :)[*]Kelly Everaert: +, online/email[*]Mel Uran: +, online/Scoundrel[*][URL=""]Danielle 'Soloud' Gransaull[/URL]: +, online/email[*]Ted Dastick: +, blowout cards forum :)[*]Penelope 'Peng Peng' Gaylord: +, convention[*]Jason Worthingon: +, online/deviantArt[*]Vince Sunico: +, convention[*]Joe Simko: +, convention[*]Brent Engstrom: +, convention[*][URL=""]Rusty Gilligan[/URL]: [COLOR="Red"]Negative[/COLOR], online/email[*]Tim Proctor: Neutral [/LIST]

John91C 01-01-2013 02:23 PM

I have a commission in the works with Danielle "Soloud" Gransaull which has been in the works for 8 months...a tad slow but she's really good at communication back and keeps you informed of what's going on.

This is the piece she's currently working on: Firefly piece (still in the "raw" phase)

Got another update's the penciled it's onto the next phase!

Katie Cook commission...great communication and on-time!


Ty Hope 01-01-2013 04:28 PM

My two latest from Jim Kyle. Good friend and amazing artist.


Hellfish 01-01-2013 06:40 PM

Ted Dastick Jr. -A +++ :)!(Great communication and amazing work....We know where to find you lol)

Gary Kezele - A+++ (Busy man, but awesome at giving updates and replying to any questions.)

Remi Dousset - A+++ (Super fast! Done and shipped in a day.)

Matias Streb - A- (some slight delays and not the best communication but the end result was well worth it)

Tim Proctor -A+++ awesome communication and the card was finished within a day of telling him what I want

Robert Hendrickson - A+++ great communication and awesome work!

Ty Hope 01-01-2013 06:53 PM

Agreed, Gary is awesome. Also, Don Pedicini Jr. is HIGHLY recommended!

Magicman32 01-01-2013 06:58 PM

I have only used Ted Dastick Jr. He is definately a class act. Works well with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of each one. He has done over 20 pieces of work for me and they are all A+++ transactions.

sdoug76 01-01-2013 07:19 PM

[B]If you guys could also post where you got in touch with these artist it would be great.
New to sketch's and am looking to get some done. [/B]

monkeymcgee 01-01-2013 09:01 PM

Thanks for all the updates, everyone! I'm updating the summary post for the second time (turns out you can't edit multiple posts at once :eek: ), so it should be fixed in a few minutes.

By the way, I'm going to order the feedback this way: negative, positive, pending

My basis for that is that's basically the order most of us want to know feedback details.

kyle1707 01-01-2013 11:50 PM

[QUOTE=Ty Hope;3932223]My two latest from Jim Kyle. Good friend and amazing artist.


That eli is amazing...

I think topps is really missing the boat on high end sketches for sports products..

Would add good value...

Sportkings did a good job with it last year...

mwheeler27 01-02-2013 12:16 AM

Speaking of Sportkings, here's an amazing commissioned piece, (not mine), that was done by Jared Kelley:


[url=]Portraiture, Sports Art, and Illustration by J.Evan Kelley[/url]

RtdRSuperstar 01-02-2013 11:41 AM

Has anyone had any kind of communication with Bob Stevlic? I emailed him about doing a commission and didn't know if any of you had heard much about his success or anything.

dd316 01-02-2013 12:24 PM

[QUOTE=Magicman32;3933166]I have only used Ted Dastick Jr. [/QUOTE]
I feel so used. ;)

How far back do you want us to go on this? I haven't commissioned much lately, but going back a ways I commissioned lots of artists.

monkeymcgee 01-02-2013 12:26 PM

[QUOTE=dd316;3937439]I feel so used. ;)

How far back do you want us to go on this? I haven't commissioned much lately, but going back a ways I commissioned lots of artists.[/QUOTE]

I'd say offer whatever you think is relevant. If you know someone was making rookie mistakes and now has there stuff together, I'd temper negative feedback with those details though.

rambel 01-02-2013 04:11 PM

Where to start ... most of these were contacted through Scoundrel but it's been several years since I've commissioned through that site ...

[B][U]The best experience[/U][/B]
Leah Mangue - several commissioned pieces and got them back in a very timely manner! All dealings through messages and mail

Gary Kezele - several commissioned pieces and got them back in a very timely manner! All dealings through messages and mail

Lawrence Reynolds - several commissioned pieces - lives locally so I met him at shows quite often. He no longer does commission for me because he says his hand cramps up! hah

Jennifer Mercer - Drew the Shatner for me! Felt bad that she was falling behind because of her moving and stuff so she sent me a surprise commission Darth Maul sketch signed by Ray Park!

[U][B]Positive experience[/B][/U]
Brandon Kenney
Randy Martinez (Sent baseball ahead of time and picked up at Local show)
Cat Staggs (Local at show)
Chris Fulton (Local at show)
Michael Champion (Local at show)
Marc Wolfe (Local at show)
Kyle Babbitt
Kevin Doyle
Bryan Morton
David Rabbitte
Tim Proctor
Ben Curtis
Gabriel Hernandez (Local at show)
Jamie Snell (Local at show)
Paul Allan Ballard (Gave Ball at show and sent ball + extra sketch when finished)
Rhiannon Owens

[B][U]The Bad[/U][/B]
Mark Brooks - Gave baseball and money to at a show. He was busy and said he would take it home and finish it and send it to me. That was almost 3-4 years ago! His wife/GF denies that he ever got the baseball and money. I gave up

Mark McHaley - Gave him a baseball 3 years ago. I know I'm still on his list though. Not holding my breath. He's extremely busy and no longer taking commissions

[U]My Collection[/U]
I started this project several years ago basically getting random artists to draw different characters from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings on baseballs.

I then had the idea ... why not get celebs to sign these baseballs when they come to a show ... and that idea became the below collection :)


Everyone signed by the actor ...

Darth Maul (Ray Park), Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew), and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) are signed


If you want to see close up of each baseball, they are in the link below
[url=]ArtOnBaseballs pictures by rambel10 - Photobucket[/url]

Cujobyte 01-02-2013 05:31 PM

Rambel, those baseballs are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

lucky4444 01-02-2013 05:38 PM

Incredible collection Rambel:)!

Artiodactyla 01-03-2013 02:56 PM

Veronica O'Connell

She is currently working on a commission for me. I have nothing but great things to say about Veronica so far as she has been great with communication and has been professional.

I will keep you all updated!

monkeymcgee 01-03-2013 06:36 PM

Thanks guys--updated through here.

And Rambel--that is a fantastic collection you have :)!

lucky4444 01-03-2013 07:33 PM

Halls card came in today
Now i have to pay him again lol

NonSportsCardForum 01-04-2013 08:44 AM

Artists Id gladly deal with again-

Juan Rosales


Bun Leung

Rita Moore-


Michael Champion-

Chris Fulton-

Danielle Soloud-

Jerry Rascoe-

Leah Mangue-

Beau Schemery-

Otis Frampton-

Hanie Mohd-

Rich Hennemann-
[url=]The Art Of Rich Hennemann[/url]

Greg Harms/Ryan Alexander-

Patrick Canter-

Jeremy Treece-
[url=]The Artwork of Jeremy Treece.[/url]

Michaeld Duron-

Scott Zirkel-

Daniel Campos-

Josh Lyman

Katie Cook

Tim Proctor

Im sure theres plenty of others that I cant think of at the moment.

Artists I wouldnt pee on if they were on fire-

[b]Jim Kyle-[/b]
Lies about due dates, lies about excuses, makes his problems yours and instead of being up front and honest, would rather run and hide until you call him out, then he posts half truths that shines the light away from his problems and makes it seem like you were the problem.

[b]Walter Rice Jr.[/b]
I posted some xbox 360 games ft to artists that would swap out some work. Came to a deal on 2 games with this artist for an 8x10 with color.

I agreed but wanted to keep any ideas I had for wizard world austin and I would get with him after that.

Towards the end of nov I hit him up making sure he was still interested in the 2 games and he was. At the start of Dec I give him my idea of what Im specifically interested in, and what color scheme etc. Basically it was Domino in "ass. creed" costume.

He gives me the thumbs up and I tell him if I cant get the games out within a week or two I will wait until after the new year to avoid xmas rush and take a shot on them getting lost, which he was fine with.

Part of the deal was I wanted to see pencil roughs before laying down the inks.

On Jan 10th I send him a msg asking if the games made it, he replies on the 12th and says I can expect "visuals" on the 14th.

14th comes and goes and I reply on the 18th saying "Np" as more of a "hey, what happened with the roughs?". He reads it but doesnt reply.

On the 25th I ask for an update, read but not replied to.

On feb 8th I basically say Im not trying to be a d*ck but its messed up he had time to read my messages, accept new friends, but not reply.

On march 5th he FINALLY replies I get the standard "bs" reply and apology and offer to toss in extras for the wait etc.

On march 7th I hit him up for an update because at this point I should have some roughs ready to see and Im told "its looking good". Wtf ever that means. To me saying that without actually seeing it means nothing is done and I would have bet it wasnt even started.

On march 14th I hit him up for the roughs again and Im told on the 15th Ill see something that weekend. Of course I didnt so........

Then he starts messaging me about what state am I in etc and that his wife suggested that he works in some state monuments and logos etc into the pic. I completely passed on that idea beause it wasnt what I wanted.

At some point he posted the pencil roughs on my page and he clearly didnt pay attention to what I had wanted in specifics.

I even sent him the original message of my specifics and when he re-did the roughs, he STILL didnt pay attention.

I pointed that out again and thats when he started to disappear on me again and at that point I blew it off and considered it a loss.

Its artists like this, that make it so hard to pay up front. I can honestly say it makes me not want to try artists I havent worked with before.

I suggest you avoid him unless he does the work before getting paid etc.

[b]Leo Depsky[/b]
Hit him up for a Domino because I liked his style of work that he posted on the Asylum facebook page. Got a quote for 20.00 for a simple Domino with no b/g. The rough looked great and I was stoked. The pose was such that I asked if he could squeeze in Shatterstar somewhat to the side of her in a battle pose. He said yes for another 10.00. SOLD!

Never saw any work after that and after a few excuses and then just straight up being ignored, I said f'it and gave up....still active and never replied, no answers for the drop off on the piece etc.

Wouldnt suggest him for any work.

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