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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
1.) It is not BO's responsibility to police GB's. Buyer beware. In this case, the boards should police themselves. Look how this clown dashouls has been exposed by board members -- that is how it should be done. I have no sympathy for someone who gets scammed from participating in a group break run by some doofus who just joined, has no history here, has poor or invisible feedback on ebay, writes like a child, etc.
2.) The breaker should not be made to feel guilty over profiting some. $100 to me is reasonable -- there is a LOT of time and effort required to do one of these.
3.) The breaker should not participate in his own break -- I don't care how trustworthy you are, it's a conflict of interest, plain and simple. The profit made on the group break should be your incentive.
I'm new to the whole Group Break thing. So can someone please explain this to me. Are you supposed to make money on these? I've never heard of this.
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Originally Posted by Semper_PatsFan View Post
I'm new to the whole Group Break thing. So can someone please explain this to me. Are you supposed to make money on these? I've never heard of this.
As it goes right now, I don't think any of the breakers try and profit on the breaks. When calculating the slot prices, it is terribly difficult to estimate the shipping cost, so every now and then there is some money left over after all the fees, supplies, and shipping.

A few people talked about the breaker getting a small profit in this thread. Even though I have never "cut myself in" on a break, I would not be opposed to it, but it would not hurt me to not have it. I personally don't do breaks to make money (I've actually lost on some of the breaks with bad shipping/fee estimates), its all about opening all sorts of product that I wouldn't be able to do on my own. The headaches that come with doing a break, IMO, are overwhelmed by the benefits of doing one (i.e. - Pulling a huge card that you know will net someone a huge profit).
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