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Old 07-29-2012, 05:18 AM   #26 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by gingerscards View Post
yup i agree , works wonders on another site and has no backlash like these guys thinking being responsible for yourself works lol , yeah like I can trust everyone ,
no need to with a trade manager , keeps track ,has to be addressed cant be ignored , is permanant record , and has more protection than any members word on here lol
oh there is also a escrow service thats also free for highend deals , not one person gets ripped off on there lol but here , seems someone here is everyday

ya think that tells ya something lol

so keep your pencil and paper ben franklin and come into 20th century lol
Really? I got flat out robbed on SCF and the dispute advisor told me and I quote word for word, "you will not be allowed to leave negative feedback for this transaction as this person is a long time member of this forum"

my reply "but I never recieved my end of the deal"

dispute advisors reply back "I dont know what to tell you"
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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Originally Posted by cking View Post
Really? I got flat out robbed on SCF and the dispute advisor told me and I quote word for word, "you will not be allowed to leave negative feedback for this transaction as this person is a long time member of this forum"

my reply "but I never recieved my end of the deal"

dispute advisors reply back "I dont know what to tell you"

And there you have it.
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I don't know I'm torn. Not that my opinion holds weight lol.

I've already had 5-7 transactions with members on this site (I was the buyer). Probably only spent say $200 (I say "only" because I see threads where people are selling multiple cards each with much higher values so I realize I'm on the "low end of the totem pole").

I had/have very few posts but I like to lurk in the baseball card sales - singles forum, especially late at night when people for some reason (drunk? ) start giving insane deals. With a low post count and no activity I was a bit concerned if anyone would actually do business with me. And the "high end" stuf hell, I'd be Leary of someone like myself too in that no feedback, no reputation, etc - so what you're proposing would be great in that regard IMO.

However, being the person I am, I used the tools already at my disposal and I'd assume the sellers did the same. Specifically, I was able to link my eBay account here so boom, instant reputation builder right there. Then I was able to also use eBay and iTrader on the seller for comfort on my end. Then I've never done a transaction that wasn't thru PayPal. Granted that's not foolproof but you see where I'm going? The site has some great tools already built in to make things pretty safe. Just use some discretion obviously but I've had more problems with eBay than here in regards to buying cards (especially as it pertains to quality - and just overall bang for your buck). And if this things locks me into some "virtual agreement" well that I guess I'd need more info on. Are you basically saying its a eBay reference) Buy It Now thing where you are "forced" to commit to buy?
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interesting as I wasnt thinking of it as you explained the buy it now comittment , or virtual agreement , but legally you have a point , my intentions was to have a public record of transaction to go by ,against and on display for reference , my experience with a trade manager is soley based on my experience with one on sportscardforum , yes paypal provides protection , but what about Trades ? to depend soley on each individual to keep accurate and true records opens the door for allot of things namely trust , now not saying that everyone is untrustworthy ,I would rather not leave that door open for anything to happen ,
also the Itrader , really if you was my friend I could leave you feedback even if we didnt do a deal , so is this the real credit rating ? with a trade manager feedback can only be left for posted trades or sales , with the transaction on record there is no room for error or my word against theirs or visa versa , it is all in black and white like a contract would be or a reciept of purchase ,
now I am not saying it is needed for I have been doing deals here with no problems as I just take all the needed precautions to protect myself , but to have a veiwable record that cant be changed can only help and promote more honest and safe dealing
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I like it where the people in the trade are responsible for there own trades and sells.
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