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danmecum51 02-17-2010 08:18 PM

Danmecum51s thread
Here is my scorecard. This is updated every day.

Chris Volstad [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent Topps Heritage rookie and got it signed[/COLOR]
Andrew Carpenter [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent Topps T206 and got it signed![/COLOR]
Bob Feller w/Donation [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! SIGNED IN BLUE SHARPIE[/COLOR] :)
Eric Young Jr. [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! sent two gorgeous signed autos!!! [/COLOR]
Luis Durango [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent two gorgeous signed autos![/COLOR]
Chris Pettit [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent two gorgeous signed autos, but in ball-point pen[/COLOR]
Coach Bud Black [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card! saweet~![/COLOR]
Neil Walker [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 cards[/COLOR]
Brandon Allen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 cards[/COLOR]
Cesar Ramos [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 cards[/COLOR]
Henry Rodriguez [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 cards[/COLOR]
Josh Thole [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards[/COLOR]
Daniel McCutchen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards[/COLOR]
Tobi Stoner [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 cards[/COLOR]
Reid Gorecki [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 cards[/COLOR]
Tyler Colvin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards and kept the one he didnt sign. He is a beast! so I am really happy[/COLOR] :)
Daniel Hudson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards and kept the one he didnt sign[/COLOR]
Ricky Romero [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards and kept the one he didnt sign[/COLOR]
Matt Carson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards and kept the one he didnt sign[/COLOR]
Bryce Harper [COLOR="Red"]FAIL RTS! I sent c/o Bryce. I think you have to send c/o his parents to this address. I am going to try him via Southern Nevada CC[/COLOR]
Chris Coghlan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent and signed 2/2 autos![/COLOR]
Tyler Flowers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards I sent![/COLOR]
Scott Downs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/1 cards I sent![/COLOR]
Bobby Doerr [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 4/4 cards I sent![/COLOR] :)
Lee MacPhail [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 Notecards Inscribed HOF[/COLOR]
William "Otey" Clark [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my notecard I sent him[/COLOR]
Alex Pitko [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my notecard I sent him[/COLOR]
Robin Roberts [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 cards that I sent![/COLOR]
Art Mahan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 note cards[/COLOR]
Nick Strincevich[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1 note card[/COLOR]
Marty Marion [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him![/COLOR]
Dick Groat [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Singed my 1953 reprint I sent him![/COLOR] :)
Irv Noren [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him[/COLOR]
Carl Erskine [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him plus sent his own signed card and nice note[/COLOR]
Art Schult [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him plus 2 signed photos with nice note[/COLOR]
John Rutherford [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him[/COLOR]
Don Lang [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my notecard I sent him[/COLOR]
Mike Sandlock [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him[/COLOR]
Ted Lepcio [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him with nice note[/COLOR]
Dick Bokelmann [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him[/COLOR]
John Logan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him[/COLOR]
Milt Bolling [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 and 1954 reprints I sent him[/COLOR]
Tony Bartirome [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Signed my 1953 reprint I sent him[/COLOR]
Tony Malinosky [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Cool sig of the oldest living player. Age at arrival: 100yrs 191 days[/COLOR]
Phil Cavarretta [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 1953 reprint! super cool[/COLOR]
Jair Jurrgens [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 AG National Pride cards for me![/COLOR]
Gene Conley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 53 reprints[/COLOR]
Clayton Kershaw [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Topps Heritage Rookie card[/COLOR]
Bob Addis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the card I sent in pencil though... didnt show up real well[/COLOR]
Ron Washington [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the AG I sent him![/COLOR]
Gordon Beckham [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the Topps Turkey Red reprint I sent him! AWESOME![/COLOR]
Jonathan Sanchez [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 AG National Pride cards I sent him! AWESOME! [/COLOR]
Charlie Manuel [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a giant baseball card for me! Awesome[/COLOR]
John Hetki [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a reprint card for me... cool sig![/COLOR]
Chien-Ming Wang [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Turkey Red card. Very cool![/COLOR]
Chris Stewart [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Fleer Ultra Rookie[/COLOR]
Pat Neshek [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G State Flags Card![/COLOR]
Ross Ohlendorf [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G Rookie card[/COLOR]
Drew Stubbs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed "Hook 'Em" National Chicle Rookie card[/COLOR]
Tommy Manzella [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Topps Rookie card[/COLOR]
Shairon Martis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G Mini and Rookie card[/COLOR]
Steve Holm [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G Rookie card[/COLOR]
Koji Uehara [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed National Chicle Rookie card[/COLOR]
Brian Duensing [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G Rookie card[/COLOR]
Tyler Flowers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed "Chipola JC" A&G Rookie card[/COLOR]
Luke Hochevar [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G Rookie card[/COLOR]
Matt LaPorta [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Justin Masterson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G Rookie card[/COLOR]
Daniel Runzler [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G Rookie card[/COLOR]
Matt LaPorta [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Got him a second time and Signed A&G Rookie card[/COLOR]
Grady Sizemore [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Curtis Granderson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed his own promo card but didnt sign the Ginters I sent him[/COLOR]
Adam LaRoche [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/1 card[/COLOR]
Drew Stubbs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Mark Buehrle [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 Photo[/COLOR]
Bob Feller [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Drew Butera [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Topps rookie card[/COLOR]
Terry Francona [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Heritage card[/COLOR]
Yogi Berra [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 WS photo! :) [/COLOR]
Al Kaline [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Don Larson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Duke Snider [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo and Chicle Card![/COLOR]
Neil Walker [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Chicle Card![/COLOR]
Frank Malzone [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Jim Palmer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Carl Pavano [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG cards![/COLOR]
Joey Votto [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card![/COLOR]
Wade Boggs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Rollie Fingers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Phil Niekro [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo and added inscription![/COLOR]
Mike Mussina [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Bobby Doerr [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Trevor Crowe [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Nolan Ryan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo! :)![/COLOR]
Josh Hamilton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card, might be a stamp![/COLOR]
Brett Anderson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Bill "Moose" Skowron [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Goodwin Card![/COLOR]
Jamie Moyer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Dusty Baker [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my A&G card![/COLOR]
Lonnie Chisenhall [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Shelby Miller [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Zach Britton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Dustin Ackley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my two of my cards![/COLOR]
Mike Leake [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 of my two of my photos![/COLOR]
Mark Buehrle [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed AG card[/COLOR]
John Danks [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Chicle Card[/COLOR]
Orlando Hudson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Chicle Card[/COLOR]
Taylor Ard [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed PAC10 Baseball in person[/COLOR]
Bobby Doerr [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed AG card[/COLOR]
Yogi Berra [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed AG CARD[/COLOR]
Carlton Fisk [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Goodwin Card[/COLOR]
Austin Kearns [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed AG card[/COLOR]
Tyler Flowers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Chicle Card[/COLOR]
Orlando Hudson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 Allen Ginter Cards[/COLOR]
Bucky Dent [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Goodwin Card[/COLOR]
Stan Musial [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent back his hall of fame card signed!!! [/COLOR]
Ernie Banks [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! signed my omlb and ag card yahooooo [/COLOR]
Rick Cerone [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my Goodwin card [/COLOR]
Jim Bunning [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my 8x10 and included HOF and perfect game dates [/COLOR]
Luis Gonzalez [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my Allen Ginters card [/COLOR]
Bubba Starling [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Topps USA card[/COLOR]
Juan Pierre [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Jameson Taillon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Bowman Chrome USA card[/COLOR]
Trevor Bauer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Bowman Chrome USA card[/COLOR]
Jameson Taillon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! SENT and Signed South Atlantic League Official Ball + a 5x7 photo of his own + nice note[/COLOR]
Jameson Taillon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Topps 100 card[/COLOR]
Stan Musial [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Player info card[/COLOR]
Lars Anderson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Gypsy Queen and Heritage cards[/COLOR]
Pedro Ciriaco [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G rookie card[/COLOR]
Rod Carew [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Paul Konerko [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
CJ Wilson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Gypsy Queen card[/COLOR]
Andy Romine [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G rookie card[/COLOR]
Gregory Infante [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Heritage card[/COLOR]
Virgil Trucks [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed custom card/Signature Series he sent/nice handwritten note[/COLOR]
Stan Musial [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent his own custom information card signed and didnt sign my card, great success![/COLOR]
Dirk Hayhurst [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed AG card[/COLOR]
Brandon Snyder [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 AG [/COLOR]
Grady Hatton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom [/COLOR]
Al Rosen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom[/COLOR]
Bobby Shantz [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom [/COLOR]
Johnny Trucks [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 customs[/COLOR]
Bob Friend [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom[/COLOR]
Ned Garver [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom and added his own[/COLOR]
John Logan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom[/COLOR]
Jim Leyland [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG[/COLOR]
Bob Turley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom[/COLOR]
Stan Musial [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed one of his own placards[/COLOR]
Luis Gonzalez [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my stadium club card [/COLOR]
Steve Garvey [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my awesome 8x10 with cool inscriptions[/COLOR]
Bobby Doerr [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my awesome black and white photo[/COLOR]
Ryan Dempster [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Rollie Fingers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Kevin Youkilis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed his own 8x10 [/COLOR]
Miguel Cabrera [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Did not sign my gypsy queen but signed the letter he sent me[/COLOR]
Geovany Soto [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Rachel Robinson (Jackie Robinsons widow) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed two customs [/COLOR]
Brandon Drury [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 4 chrome cards and added signed batting gloves game used [/COLOR]
Heath Bell [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my gypsy queen and added an opening day card signed[/COLOR]
Wade Boggs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 gypsy queens [/COLOR]
Colby Lewis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heritage and Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Carlton Fisk [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed an awesome 8x10 [/COLOR]
Andre Dawson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Ryan Lavarnway [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Paul Konerko [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Wade Boggs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed two of my Topps Archives [/COLOR]
Jeremy Hellickson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen and an 8x10 [/COLOR]
Jordan Zimmerman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Jameson Taillon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Bowman Chrome diecut [/COLOR]
Jeimer Candeilario [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my BC RC [/COLOR]
Mike Leake [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Daniel Corcino [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Bowman RC [/COLOR]
Daniel Murphy [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Wade Boggs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
John "Mule" Miles [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! SENT 3 PAGE LETTER With signed card[/COLOR]:)
Joe B. Scott [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gorgeous sig on my AG card![/COLOR]
Herb Simpson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent nice auto and a great message on the back![/COLOR]
Clyde Parris [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! awesome sig, just look at it![/COLOR]
Millito Navarro [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent AG card + $10 check and got him to sign![/COLOR]
Mahlon Duckett [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Ron Teasley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent $5 and he Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Jim Zapp [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed ZAPPER on the A&G mini and base card[/COLOR]
Hank Presswood [COLOR="Blue"]PUSH! Didnt sign the card, asked for money but did sign envelope??? kinda odd[/COLOR]
John "Mule" Miles [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed custom card and added nice note[/COLOR]
Walter Gibbons [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed custom card and added nice extra[/COLOR]
Red Moore [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom card[/COLOR]Joe B. Scott [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my custom card[/COLOR]
Ariel Pena [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Chrome Rookie [/COLOR]
Adam Duvall[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Chrome Rookie[/COLOR]
Nyjer Morgan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Deven Marrero [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA [/COLOR]
Daniel Hudson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
John Danks [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 2012 Topps [/COLOR]
Chris Elder [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA[/COLOR]
Brady Rodgers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA [/COLOR]
Tyler Naquin[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA[/COLOR]
Cameron Maybin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Whitey Ford [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed ballpoint pen Topps card [/COLOR]
Archie Bradley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Contenders RC[/COLOR]
Hoby Milner [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA [/COLOR]
Devin Mesoraco [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen RC[/COLOR]
Mike Napoli [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Wade Boggs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed OMLB [/COLOR]
Brandon Martin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Contenders RC [/COLOR]
Lonnie Chisenhall [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps Minors [/COLOR]
Mike Napoli [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS!2011 Topps Heritage [/COLOR]
Nolan Fontana [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA [/COLOR]
Jason Motte [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Branden Kline [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA[/COLOR]
Jace Peterson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Contenders RC[/COLOR]
Brian Johnson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA [/COLOR]
Taylor Guerrieri [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Contenders RC[/COLOR]
Stan Musial [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed OMLB and AG! [/COLOR]
DJ Baxendale [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA[/COLOR]
Mike Adams [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
David Robertson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Alex Cobb [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Justin Masterson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Whitey Ford [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed OMLB![/COLOR]
Tom Milone [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps and AG RCs [/COLOR]
Derek Holland [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 2x Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Rymer Liriano [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Platinum RC[/COLOR]
Danny Hultzen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed OMLB![/COLOR]
Matt Harrison [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Michael Fulmer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Contenders RC[/COLOR]
Jacob Anderson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Contenders RC[/COLOR]
Stan Musial [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Rollie Fingers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
John Olerud [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Stadium Club and a Custom [/COLOR]
Cory Luebke [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! AG and ChromeRC [/COLOR]
Taylor Ard [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed game used bat and 5 customs! [/COLOR]
Lonnie Chisenhall [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Lineage [/COLOR]
Luis Heredia [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 2x Bowman Chrome RC [/COLOR]
Mat Latos [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Mike Carp [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Jordan Pacheco [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Custom and RC Heritage [/COLOR]
Chris Parmalee [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! AG RC[/COLOR]
Monte Irvin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 Photofile[/COLOR]
Allen Craig [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Casey Kotchman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Paul Goldschmidt [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps RC [/COLOR]
Johnny Damon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Custom and Heritage [/COLOR]
Josh Hamilton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! X2 Photofile 8x10s Gypsy Queen and a Heritage [/COLOR]
Andrew Susac [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! X2 Bowman Chromes [/COLOR]
Nolan Ryan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen with authentication [/COLOR]
Brandon Beachy [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! X2 Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Roger Clemens [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent his own custom card[/COLOR]
Ryne Sandberg [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Dave Winfield [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed OMLB! [/COLOR]
Ryne Sandberg [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Bubba Starling [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 5x7 photo [/COLOR]
Clayton Kershaw [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Heritage, Gypsy Queen and Photofile spotlight [/COLOR]
John Olerud [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps [/COLOR]
Ricky Nolasco [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Max Scherzer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Mike Zunino [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) 4x6s [/COLOR]
Gavin Cecchini [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps USA [/COLOR]
Adrian Beltre [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps Heritage[/COLOR]
Will Venable [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Ryne Sandberg [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Billy Hamilton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Best [/COLOR]
Todd Frazier [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 2013 Heritage [/COLOR]
Taijuan Walker [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 2 photos and a bowman platinum rc[/COLOR]
Danny Hultzen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Custom Card and a 2012 Bowman RC [/COLOR]
Dale Murphy [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Austin Meadows [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! USA topps [/COLOR]
Joey Gallo [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! USA topps [/COLOR]
Jedd Gyorko [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman platinum [/COLOR]
Clint Frazier [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! ROMLB and added his Perfect Game auto [/COLOR]
Gary Brown [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Platinum [/COLOR]
Ryan Healy [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Oregon Ducks Promo Poster [/COLOR]
Tommy Thorpe [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 11 photos with Jimmy Sherfy [/COLOR]
Travis Witherspoon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman rookie card[/COLOR]
Nick Maronde [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Paul O'Neill [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Fergie Jenkins [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen [/COLOR]
Adrian Beltre [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Heritage [/COLOR]
Josh Rutledge [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Luis Sardinas [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Chrome Rookie[/COLOR]
Jorge Bonifacio [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Rookie [/COLOR]
Will Clark [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Colin Moran [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 and 4x6[/COLOR]
Courtney Hawkins [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Platinum x2 [/COLOR]
Mark Appel [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10s [/COLOR]
Stephen Strasburg [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Jim Bunning [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Ginter[/COLOR]
Jorge Soler [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Platinum Rookie[/COLOR]
Grant Balfour [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Jim Johnson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen[/COLOR]
Wade Boggs [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Gypsy Queen and Ginter[/COLOR]
Michael Wacha [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Bowman Platinum Rookie[/COLOR]
Billy Wagner [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10[/COLOR]

Ken Stabler [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a nice UD card for me[/COLOR]
Mark Sanchez [COLOR="Red"]FAIL! RTS[/COLOR]
Jeff Demps [COLOR="Red"]FAIL! Florida athletes cannot sign while enrolled at the University oh well[/COLOR]
Steve Owens [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Heisman 4x6[/COLOR]
Gary Beban [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed my Heisman 4x6[/COLOR]
Pat Sullivan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Stamped his auto, ehhhh not to happy about this one[/COLOR]
Rashaan Salaam [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 photos I sent[/COLOR]:)
Ricky Stanzi [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed, personalized, and inscribed 1/1 4x6 I sent him [/COLOR]
Joe Bellino [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed 1/1 Heisman 4x6 I sent him![/COLOR]
Johnny Lattner [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed 1/1 Heisman 4x6 I sent him![/COLOR]
Major Applewhite [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6! Sweet![/COLOR]
Matt Barkley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Didnt think I would get this one back. Signed, inscribed and personalized my 4x6[/COLOR]
Johnny Lujack [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! The 1947 Heisman winner signed my 4x6! sweet![/COLOR]
Jason White [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 photos I sent to him[/COLOR]
Dat Nguyen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/1 photo I sent [/COLOR]
Terry Baker [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/1 but in dry erase marker.... [/COLOR]
Billy Sims [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 4/2 I sent him! AWESOME SUCCESS! :)[/COLOR]
Andy Dalton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6! This kid is going to be a phenom![/COLOR]
Lenny Moore [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed all 3 of the cards I sent him and wrote a note:)[/COLOR]
Chris Weinke [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed both photos I sent to him! Awesome! [/COLOR]
Frank Gifford [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed all 4 cards I sent him. Turned out great![/COLOR]
Herschel Walker[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed both photos I sent to him. Very sweet success[/COLOR]
Raymond Berry [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! The best TTM'r out there. I sent 1 8x10 and he returned another 8x10 and 3 other extras for free all signed! :) [/COLOR]
Lance Alworth [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and Inscribed "BAMBI" on 2/4 cards SWEET[/COLOR]
Frank Gore [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards I sent to him and kept the 4x6 photo of him! Still cool to get this back[/COLOR]
Danny Wuerffel [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed all 3 of my 4x6's!!![/COLOR]
Peyton Manning [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! AWESOME Signed another card, Mayo Cut Plugg this time![/COLOR]
Golden Tate [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 4x6 photos[/COLOR]
Bruce Smith [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and personalized 8x10 photo looks great![/COLOR]
Jim McMahon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and personalized 8x10 photo [/COLOR]
Mike Garrett [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 4x6 heisman photo[/COLOR]
Chuck Bednarik [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo and added awesome inscriptions[/COLOR]
Dan Fouts [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo looks amazing[/COLOR] :)
Drew Brees [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the 8x10 photo and it looks great![/COLOR] :)!
Y.A. Tittle [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Terry Bradshaw [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR] :)!
Peyton Manning [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed AWESOME 8x10 photo. I will give peyton a break after the 3rd success[/COLOR]
Dick Butkus [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Gale Sayers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR] :)!
Roger Stuabach [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR] :)!
Len Dawson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Jordan Kent [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Steve Young [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR] :)!
Bob Lilly [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Toby Gerhart [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my photos and cards[/COLOR]
Vince Papale [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a photo![/COLOR]
Peyton Manning [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Contenders card![/COLOR]
Larry Johnson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 cards![/COLOR]
Chad Henne [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6 photo![/COLOR]
Tony Dungy [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Bob Lilly [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 cards![/COLOR]
James Laurinaitis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 3 cards![/COLOR]
Peyton Manning [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed his own 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Warren Moon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR] :)!
Devin McCourty [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 cards![/COLOR]
Greg Jennings [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Archie Manning [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Brett Favre [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR] :)!
Matt Barkley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6 photo![/COLOR]
Mario Williams [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Chicle Card![/COLOR]
Brian Cushing [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a HIT card, but kept the 3 i actually sent him. oh well[/COLOR]
Tony Romo [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo! probably autopen[/COLOR]
Walter Thurmond III [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my two of my photos![/COLOR]
Peyton Manning [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Tennessee 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Lance Alworth [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo! Included requested "Bambi" inscription[/COLOR]
Donovan McNabb [COLOR="Red"]FAIL! Stamped my photo![/COLOR]
Mario Williams [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Tedy Bruschi [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Brett Favre [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my black and white 8x10 photo! BEST success yet!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR] :)!
Kenny Stabler [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my dual card with kellen clemens![/COLOR]
Ndamukong Suh [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo and sports card![/COLOR]
Rob Gronkowski [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Deon Butler [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 2/2 cards![/COLOR]
Brian Cushing [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Golden Tate [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Dallas Clark [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Mercury Morris [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo! included requested 17-0 perfect season inscription![/COLOR]
Terry Bradshaw [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my chicle card![/COLOR]
Tim Tebow [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo :)[/COLOR]
Bill Romanowski [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Bart Starr [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
John Elway [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo :)! :)![/COLOR]
YA Tittle [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Magic Card[/COLOR]
Harry Carson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my UD Legends card[/COLOR]
Bob Griese [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my UD Legends card[/COLOR]
Ozzie Newsome [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my UD Legends card[/COLOR]
Bob Griese [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my UD Heroes card[/COLOR]
Joe Thiesmann [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 of my UD Legends cards[/COLOR]
Dan Fouts [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 of my UD Legends cards[/COLOR]
Craig Morton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1 UD Legends cards and sent 2 of his own[/COLOR]
Chuck Foreman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my UD Legends card[/COLOR]
Troy Aikman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo! :)[/COLOR]
Andre Reed [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Legends Card[/COLOR]
Steve Largent [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Upper Deck 2011 card in his Tulsa Uniform[/COLOR]
Bart Starr [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my 8x10 photo [/COLOR]
Lenny Moore [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD Legends card [/COLOR]
Phil Simms [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD Legends card [/COLOR]
Willie Davis [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed an 8x10 i sent him and he sent his own! [/COLOR]
Mike Alstott [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD card [/COLOR]
Bernie Kosar [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD card [/COLOR]
Jan Stenerud [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD Legends card [/COLOR]
Lynn Dickey [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD Legends card [/COLOR]
Raymond Berry [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD Legends and added several items card [/COLOR]
Joe Theismann [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD Legends card [/COLOR]
Bill Bergey [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my UD Legends card [/COLOR]
Sterling Sharpe [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Heroes card![/COLOR]
Jason Witten [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Magic card![/COLOR]
Lenny Moore [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heroes card![/COLOR]
Billy Sims [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heroes card![/COLOR]
Josh Freeman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my magic card![/COLOR]
Ozzie Newsome [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heroes card![/COLOR]
Jan Stenerud [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heroes card![/COLOR]
Chuck Foreman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heroes card![/COLOR]
YA Tittle [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heroes card![/COLOR]
Christian Ponder [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Ud Rookie card![/COLOR]
Philip Rivers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 2009 and 2010 magic cards![/COLOR]
Ed "Too Tall" Jones [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heroes card![/COLOR]
Hines Ward [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent and Signed a playoff card![/COLOR]
Miles Austin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my threads and Rookies stars cards![/COLOR]
Tim Tebow [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Len Hauss [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my heroes card! also included nice handwritten note[/COLOR]
Gary Collins [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my gridiron kings card![/COLOR]
Colt Brennan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed limited card[/COLOR]
Toby Gerhart [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my topps platinum and my magic card[/COLOR]
Austin Collie [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10[/COLOR]
Herb Adderley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10[/COLOR]
Josh Freeman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Magic Card[/COLOR]
Case Keenum [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Press Pass RC[/COLOR]
Terry Bradshaw [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 [/COLOR]
Ryan Broyles [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Upper Deck RC[/COLOR]
Doug Martin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Press Pass RC[/COLOR]
Harrison Smith [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Upper Deck RC[/COLOR]
Mychal Kendricks [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Upper Deck RC[/COLOR]
Shea McClellin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Upper Deck RC[/COLOR]
Case Keenum [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Upper Deck RC[/COLOR]
Herm Edwards [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Masterpieces card[/COLOR]
Coby Fleener [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Upper Deck RC[/COLOR]
Desmond Howard [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Masterpiece [/COLOR]
Todd Marinovich [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD retro[/COLOR]
Kellen Moore [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sage x2 [/COLOR]
Y.A. Tittle [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Masterpiece [/COLOR]
Bart Starr [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Packers Mini Helmet [/COLOR]
Gary Beban [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD retro [/COLOR]
Brock Osweiler [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 3x RC’s [/COLOR]
Drew Brees [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed SI Cover + Photofile Spotlight[/COLOR]
Russell Wilson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Rookie Card [/COLOR]
Billy Sims [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD retro [/COLOR]
Lavasier Tuinei [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Rc [/COLOR]
Kirk Cousins [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD RC [/COLOR]
Calvin Johnson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a beautiful Photofile 8x10 [/COLOR]
Roddy White [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Platinum PROBABLY secretarial [/COLOR]
Coby Fleener [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Platinum RC [/COLOR]
Tom Blanchard [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 3x topps 1 custom Tom was my HS coach [/COLOR]
Lawrence Taylor [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 photofile[/COLOR]
Collin Klein [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! X2 8x10s [/COLOR]
Roddy White [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! SP Authentic PROBABLY Sec.[/COLOR]
Jordy Nelson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Platinum [/COLOR]
Isaiah Pead [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Press Pass RC [/COLOR]
Kellen Moore [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! X3 RCs [/COLOR]
Calvin Johnson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed photofile 8x10 [/COLOR]
Randall Cobb [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Score RC[/COLOR]
Dan Fouts [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! RC reprint [/COLOR]
Randall Cunningham [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 photofile [/COLOR]
Kellen Moore [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! X2 Sports Illustrated 8x10 and 4x6 [/COLOR]
Ed Hochuli [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 SI cover [/COLOR]
Ben Roethlisberger [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 Photofile spotlight [/COLOR]
Thomas Tyner [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 and 4x6[/COLOR]
Jery Rice [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS!8x10 photofile spotlight HUUUUUGEEEE  [/COLOR]
Bob Griese [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps Rookie Reprint [/COLOR]
Tyrann Mathieu [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 3 8x10s and a 10x12 [/COLOR]
James Laurinaitis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 and 4x6 [/COLOR]
Gale Sayers [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed sportkings[/COLOR]
Aaron Murray [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10s (1) 4x6 [/COLOR]
JJ Watt [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) 8x10s including SI cover [/COLOR]
Kirk Cousins [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Platinum RC [/COLOR]
JJ Watt [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Retro [/COLOR]
Courtney Upshaw [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) UD RCs [/COLOR]
Brock Osweiler [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! platinum rc [/COLOR]
Ryan Tannehill [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! bowman rc [/COLOR]
Bjoern Werner [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) UD Rc [/COLOR]
Terrance Williams [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) UD Rc [/COLOR]
EJ Manuel [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) UD Rc [/COLOR]
Ryan Nassib [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Rc [/COLOR]
Mike Glennon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Rc [/COLOR]
Zac Dysert [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD Rc [/COLOR]
Doug Martin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed both NFL football gloves [/COLOR]
Kurt Warner [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent his signed religious card [/COLOR]
Eric Dickerson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps Legends card [/COLOR]
Datone Jones [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! UD RC[/COLOR]
Dick Butkus [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 and 4x6 [/COLOR]
Drew Brees [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10 (2) 4x6[/COLOR]
Eric Dickerson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10[/COLOR]
Marcus Mariota [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) 8x10s (3) cards[/COLOR]
Giovani Bernard [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10 (1) UD RC[/COLOR]
Rudy Ruettiger [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Ginter[/COLOR]
Warrick Dunn [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10[/COLOR]
Randall Cobb [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10 [/COLOR]
DeAndre Hopkins [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) UD RC[/COLOR]
EJ Manuel [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10[/COLOR]
Bobby Bowden [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) Ginters[/COLOR]
Kenbrell Thompkins [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10[/COLOR]
Calvin Johnson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10s (1) 4x6[/COLOR]
T.Y. Hilton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) RCs[/COLOR]
Brett Hundley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 [/COLOR]
Rex Burkhead [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Elite Acetate RC[/COLOR]
Dwight Clark [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 inscribed "The Catch"[/COLOR]
Herschel Walker [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10[/COLOR]
Bryce Petty [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10 [/COLOR]
Andrew Luck [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 [/COLOR]
Anthony Barr [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 [/COLOR]
Marshall Faulk [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 [/COLOR]
AJ Green [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps RC[/COLOR]
Mike McCarthy [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Ginter[/COLOR]

Arnie Risen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed 1/2 cards I sent him and included a cool note about the card he didnt sign. Said its an error and the picture isnt him[/COLOR]
Robert Parish [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed all 4 cards I sent to him[/COLOR]
Bailey Howell [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/2 cards I sent to him[/COLOR]
Clyde Lovellette [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sweet sign on a Greats of the Game card in his Kansas Uniform! [/COLOR]
Muggsy Bogues [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 4/4 Sports Legends Cards and sent a letter which he signed[/COLOR]
Sidney Moncrief [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Sports Legends cards[/COLOR]
Dick Vitale [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Dicky V signed 4/4 for me! Very cool[/COLOR]
Lenny Wilkens [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Classics card[/COLOR]
Anferenee Hardaway [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Jerry Sloan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Charles Oakley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Reggie Miller [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Joe Dumars [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Carmelo Anthony [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo :)![/COLOR]
Shaquille O'Neal [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Kept my 2 photofiles and sent his own[/COLOR]
Dirk Nowitzki [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my 8x10 photo [/COLOR]
Shaquille O'Neal [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my sweet LSU photo[/COLOR]
Bobby Hurley [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my Sports Legends card [/COLOR]
York Larese [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my UNC card![/COLOR]
Vince Carter [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my UNC card![/COLOR]
Rod "Hot Rod" Hundley [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Rookies and Stars card [/COLOR]
Dirk Nowitzki [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo [/COLOR]
Jason Kidd [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed SI cover [/COLOR]
Kevin Love [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10s (2) 4x6s [/COLOR]
Vern Mikkelsen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Past and Present Card [/COLOR]

[B][U]Misc. Athletes/Celebs[/U][/B]
Dan Jansen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! A&G card signed and inscribed '94 Gold[/COLOR]
Bob Chandler [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card I sent[/COLOR]
Allen Fisher [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card![/COLOR]
Tyler McElwain [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1/1. Pretty cool TTM. [/COLOR]
Kerri Strug [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent AG card, Signed it! [/COLOR]
Cael Sanderson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed AG card! awesome sig![/COLOR]
Kevin Van Dam [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card! SUPER FAST![/COLOR]
Kristin Armstrong [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Nice one to have of a gold medalist! [/COLOR]
Greg Louganis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Awesome sig from a great olympian![/COLOR]
Clint Eastwood [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the B&W I sent and added another photo from Gran Torino signed! Amazing!!!![/COLOR] :)
Pete Weber [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the A&G I sent him[/COLOR]
Bruce Jenner [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Amazing sig on A&G base card![/COLOR]
Stephanie Brown Trafton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the A&G I sent her[/COLOR]
Mark Zupan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the A&G I sent him[/COLOR]
Mark Selby [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the AG card I sent[/COLOR]
Mike Eruzione [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a 4x6 for me via email[/COLOR]
Bob Baffert [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the AG card I sent[/COLOR]
Wendy Guey[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the AG card I sent [/COLOR]
Maria Sharapova [COLOR="SeaGreen"] SUCCESS! Sent email and got a signed Nike Photo[/COLOR]
Doris Day[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a photo from me![/COLOR]
Mariel Zagunis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the AG card I sent to her![/COLOR]
Nicky Hayden [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card[/COLOR]
Robert Redford [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Awesome!!! Signed 2/2 8x10s from The Natural[/COLOR]:)
Red Kelly [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Champs card I sent him! Looks awesome![/COLOR]
Jack O'Callahan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6 Great auto from miracle team member :) [/COLOR]
Al MacINNIS [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Champs card![/COLOR]
Loren Opstedahl [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card![/COLOR]
Mike Eruzione [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6 miracle team photo. 2nd time getting ye ole captain[/COLOR]
Mark Wells [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6 miracle team photo[/COLOR]
John Harrington [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6 miracle team photo[/COLOR]
Bobby Allison [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed all 4 cards I sent him, included an extra card and a photo all signed! Awesome![/COLOR]
Bela Karolyi [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and personalized 4 cards that I sent him. What a great guy, wrote letters to me on the back of all of the cards[/COLOR]
Buzz Schneider [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 4x6 I sent to him! Miracle team!!![/COLOR]
Jennie Finch [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the Allen and Ginter Card I sent her :)[/COLOR]
Danica Patrick [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Pretty cool to get one back from her. It came back mint and amazing auto![/COLOR]
Parker Bohn [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Donruss Sports Legends cards 2/2[/COLOR]
Ken Jennings [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! I'll take Awesome signatures for 300 Alex[/COLOR]
Steve Cauthen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sweet success. Signed all the cards I sent[/COLOR]
Bonnie Blair [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my A&G and also included a nice signed photocard[/COLOR]
Gov. Bill Richardson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my A&G Mini card[/COLOR]
Cale Yarborough [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 4/4 Sports Legends Cards[/COLOR]
Amanda Beard [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 Sports Legends Cards[/COLOR]
Carl Lewis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G Card I sent and added a signed Nike card![/COLOR]
Jarome Iginla [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Didnt sign my card but sent his own postcard[/COLOR]
Bryan Berg [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
David Ragan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed press pass racing card[/COLOR]
Richard Petty [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 4/4 Sports Legend Cards [/COLOR]
Phil Knight [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 4x6 photos and added requested inscription [/COLOR]
Matt Kenseth [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed press pass racing card[/COLOR]
Avery Jenkins [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 A&G cards I sent[/COLOR]
Hulk Hogan [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed wrestling card I sent him :)[/COLOR]
Stan Goldberg [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and drew a sketch of Jughead and Archie! AWESOME[/COLOR]
Hans Florine [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed AG card I sent found on facebook[/COLOR]
Tom Knapp [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and inscribed on the back of my AG card[/COLOR]
Preston Pittman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Tony Hoard and Rory [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Hank Blackburn [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Clint Bowyer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed racing card[/COLOR]
Cat Osterman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed sports legends card[/COLOR]
Tom Bunk [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed index card[/COLOR]
Norm Breyfogle [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and sketched BATMAN on an 8x10 blank![/COLOR]
Shawn Johnson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Alan Francis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Lynn Johnston [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and sketch an index card[/COLOR]
Dan O'Brien [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card and included a hand written bifold card[/COLOR]
Kelly Kulick [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Steve Breen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and sketched me a cartoon of President Obama[/COLOR]
Ivory Crockett [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed A&G card[/COLOR]
Al Unser [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed sports legends card[/COLOR]
Hope Solo [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed sports legends card[/COLOR]
Steve Greenberg [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a computer print out[/COLOR]
[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed sports legends card[/COLOR]
James Earl Jones [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Star Wars ESB 3D card[/COLOR]
Ron Ferdinand [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and sketched an amazing Dennis the Menace 8x10[/COLOR]
Seth MacFarlane [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Push! Included a cheesy printout with a serial number[/COLOR]
Mort Walker [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed and sketched me a photo on an artist card[/COLOR]
Bill Gallo [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a comic strip[/COLOR]
Dan Piraro [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 index cards[/COLOR]
Slash [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Dave Hobrecht [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 cards and sketched me a Babe Ruth card[/COLOR]
Summer Sanders [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed sports legends card[/COLOR]
Sy Barry [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sketched me an 8x10!![/COLOR]
George Foreman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR] :)
Bill Cosby [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 3 of my 8x10 photos![/COLOR] :)
Marcus Hamilton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sketched me an awesome Dennis the Menace 8x10![/COLOR]
Tommy Thayer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my cards![/COLOR]
Eric Singer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my cards![/COLOR]
Phil Dahausser [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my index card![/COLOR]
Dick Perez [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed sketch card![/COLOR]
Brad Park [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my cards![/COLOR]
Greg Norman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
Jordin Sparks [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG cards!![/COLOR]
Frank Oz [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my star wars yoda card![/COLOR]
Anthony Gatto [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my A&G card![/COLOR]
Danica Patrick [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card again![/COLOR]
Clint Bowyer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 2/2 cards![/COLOR]
Tom Watson [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Masters photo![/COLOR]
Brandi Chastain [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my A&G card![/COLOR]
Judson Laipply [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my A&G card![/COLOR]
Austin Dillon [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Laird Hamilton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Kyle Busch [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 of my cards![/COLOR]
Laila Ali [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my A&G Card![/COLOR]
Frances McDormand [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Movie Backer Card![/COLOR]
Matt Biondi [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed AG card[/COLOR]
Martin Havlat [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card and included his own![/COLOR]
Zach Galifianakis [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/2 Movie Backer Cards![/COLOR]
Michael Franti [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a photo my buddy had of us at an IP event[/COLOR]
Johnny Depp [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2/3 of my backer boards :)[/COLOR]
Wayne Gretzky [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Goodwin Card and 8x10 photo :)![/COLOR]
Hulk Hogan [COLOR="SeaGreen"] signed my AG card [/COLOR]
Tim Allen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Toy Story 3 backer card![/COLOR]
Rick Nash [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo[/COLOR]
Hailee Steinfeld [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my True Grit Movie Insert card![/COLOR]
Nancy Lopez [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG cards![/COLOR]
Cheryl Burke [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card![/COLOR]
Jim Nantz [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Ginter[/COLOR]
Laird Hamilton [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 2 cards for me[/COLOR]
Matt Guy [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my AG card[/COLOR]
Brian Foster [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the back of my Topps UFC Mainevent card[/COLOR]
Randy "The Natural" Couture [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the A&G I sent him[/COLOR]
Matt Hughes [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the Topps UFC card I sent[/COLOR]
Chael Sonnen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed both sides of the Topps UFC Main Event I sent[/COLOR]
Thiago Alves [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a nice UFC card for me.[/COLOR]
Matt Kampmann [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a nice UFC card for me.[/COLOR]
Cole Miller [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a nice UFC card for me. [/COLOR]
Mike Brown [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Signed the UFC Main Event card I sent him[/COLOR]
Royce Gracie [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a nice 8x10 via email request[/COLOR]:)
Rick "The Horror" Story [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my Topps UFC Main event card and added nice note![/COLOR]
Spencer Fisher [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the toploader and not the card... oh well[/COLOR]
Johny Hendricks [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the back of my topps UFC Main event card[/COLOR]
Guy Mezger [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed Card[/COLOR]
Nate Marqgadt[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Chael Sonnen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
Forrest Griffin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my card![/COLOR]
John Wooden (UCLA BKB) [COLOR="Red"]FAIL! Sent letter explaining he gets to many requests I understand [/COLOR]
Dave Wannstedt (PITT FB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent signed photo[/COLOR]
Eddie Sutton (OKSTATE BKB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sent card and received back signed! Thanks coach Sutton![/COLOR]
Paul Johnson (GTECH FB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Nice photo[/COLOR]
Bo Pelini (NEBRASKA FB)[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS message handwritten, auto is a scan. A secretary probably wrote the message[/COLOR]
Mark Richt (GEORGIA FB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS Boom! Big mailday from SEC country[/COLOR]
Jim Calhoun (UCONN BKB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS beautiful sig, and photo[/COLOR]
David Perno (GEORGIA BASE) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS signed photo[/COLOR]
Matt Painter (PURDUE BKB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Awesome Photo and Sig. Extremely hard to get, he doesnt/didnt sign at all [/COLOR]
Chip Kelly (OREGON FB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! My favorite coach, team, TTM! Doing backflips!!!! [/COLOR]:)
John Savage (UCLA BASE) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS nice picture and great auto[/COLOR]
Jim Morris (MIAMI BASE) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS One of the best college coaches awesome sig[/COLOR]
Mike Bianco (OLE MISS BASE) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! awesome pic and sig[/COLOR]
Kyle Whittingham (UTAH FB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! hard one to get. He laminated it! really cool![/COLOR]
Gary Henderson (UK BASE) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! I got a longer message than most got from him[/COLOR]
Houston Nutt (OLE MISS FB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Awesome mailday from one of the upcoming big namers. [/COLOR]
Les Miles [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my A&G card![/COLOR]
Steve Alford (UNM BKB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Awesome mailday from one of the best college basketball coaches![/COLOR]
Bobby Bowden (FSU FB)[COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed the Press Pass card I sent![/COLOR]
Ben Howland (UCLA BKB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed a nice 8x10 for me![/COLOR]
Randy Shannon (Miami FB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed an awesome photo sent via email [/COLOR]
Dean Smith (UNC BKB) [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Isnt signing anymore. Wants to officially retire, sent a nice preprint though :)[/COLOR]
Dennis Erickson (ASU FB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1 8x10 via email[/COLOR]
Jay Wright (Villanova BKB) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed 1 8x10 via email[/COLOR]
Rollie Massimino [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my cards![/COLOR]
Ara Parseghian [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my elite card![/COLOR]
Joe Paterno [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed my 8x10 photo![/COLOR]
President Jimmy Carter [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Signed (2) 8x10s [/COLOR]
Al Unser [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! AG and added a signed letter [/COLOR]
Ewa Mataya [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! AG [/COLOR]
Bobby Hurley SR. [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! AG[/COLOR]
Jon Voight [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! signed custom Bud Kilmer West Canaan [/COLOR]
Lolo Jones [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Topps Olympic [/COLOR]
Chip Kelly [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 3x Customs[/COLOR]
Judge Judy [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 via email [/COLOR]
Clint Bowyer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Press Pass [/COLOR]
Austin Allgaier [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Press Pass ticket[/COLOR]
Regis Philbin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! AG mini [/COLOR]
Richard Petty [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 and 4x6 [/COLOR]
Tank Abbott [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 [/COLOR]
Richard Petty [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! AG mini and Sport Legends [/COLOR]
Arnold Palmer [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) 8x10s for sure autopen [/COLOR]
Norman Reedus [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) Walking Dead cards [/COLOR]
Mark Wahlberg [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! signed Invincible 8x10 [/COLOR]
Jack Nicklaus [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! email return 8x10 looks authentic [/COLOR] :)
Zoe Saldana [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! avatar and Star Trek Backercards [/COLOR]
Pele [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10 photo [/COLOR] :)!
Sam Elliot [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (2) 8x10 [/COLOR]
Pele [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! 8x10[/COLOR]
Steven Yuen [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Walking Dead Card [/COLOR]
Pele [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Mini Card [/COLOR]
Nick Offerman [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Parks and Rec card[/COLOR]
Bobby Hull [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) Masterpiece cards [/COLOR]
Jack Nicklaus [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! photo[/COLOR]
John Calipari [COLOR="Blue"] Autopen[/COLOR]
Wanderlei Silva [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! (3) 8x10[/COLOR]
Chris Pratt [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Parks and Rec Card[/COLOR]
Charlie Adlard [COLOR="SeaGreen"]SUCCESS! Sketch of The Governor from Walking Dead[/COLOR]



Oxxon 02-19-2010 03:23 AM

Good luck!

crdboy 02-19-2010 03:28 AM

Steve Wiebe
Dan Jansen
Bob Chandler
Bruce Jenner
Jeanette Lee
Andrew Litz
Allen Fisher
Burke Kenny
John Higby
Walton Eller
Bryan Berg
Loren Opstedahl
Kerri Strug

Looks like youre gettin a bunch of A&Gs signed, they come out great

MrOpinion 02-19-2010 08:33 AM

If you get back from Steve Wiebe, you'll have to let me know. ;)

Jericho 02-19-2010 02:34 PM

Good luck! I've gotten Wiebe back myself last year.

danmecum51 02-19-2010 03:24 PM

[QUOTE=crdboy;472192]Looks like youre gettin a bunch of A&Gs signed, they come out great[/QUOTE]

yeah i am just having a hell of a time locking down some of these base cards. I have all the envelopes stamped and the letters written, just need the base... errrrr

danmecum51 02-20-2010 02:17 AM

[QUOTE=MrOpinion;472263]If you get back from Steve Wiebe, you'll have to let me know. ;)[/QUOTE]

he is from washington just like me, and I am really familiar with his home town so i gave him some personalization in the note... everyone on startiger said he writes really nice reply letters :)

danmecum51 02-20-2010 10:42 PM

Mack Brown preprint

danmecum51 02-25-2010 07:31 PM


Coach K and Steve Wiebe! Thanks coach, thanks steve!

danmecum51 02-26-2010 05:44 PM

2/26/10 Bob Feller, Andrew "Ocean" Litz, and John Higby. Thanks guys!

danmecum51 02-27-2010 12:57 AM


danmecum51 02-27-2010 04:10 PM

KOJI UEHARA damaged from USPS I still like it a lot! Thanks Koji!

danmecum51 03-01-2010 10:07 PM

Bo Pelini Preprint and David Cutcliffe. Thanks coaches!

danmecum51 03-03-2010 03:41 PM

Big day boys:
John "Mule" Miles sent a 3 page letter talking about what it takes to play the game with your heart, and not a needle. Also said "You see there are not to many of us Negro league player's left, most of us are in our 80s 90s and 100s and with every Negro league player we bury, we say good bye to another person who can testify to the glory of our times." I started tearing up reading his letter. If you get the chance, send Mr. Miles a heartfelt letter, he will love it!
DREW STUBBS from Spring Training!
Legendary Coach Jim Calhoun
One of the best college football coaches Gary Patterson!

MrOpinion 03-03-2010 03:52 PM

Nice mailday! I love those Topps Unique cards. My favorite release from last year, by far.

danmecum51 03-04-2010 03:10 PM

Very Nice mailday today. First I got an extra card from crdboy! Johnny Pesky (Pesky Pole) he is a portland native so that is cool to have local ties (I dont know if you noticed that Pat) Anyways, I also got Stanford head baseball coach Mark Marquess, Georgia baseball coach David Perno, and a very cool Dan Jansen AG card inscribed 94 gold
here is the loot:

MrOpinion 03-04-2010 03:35 PM

Nice! I just sent off to Jansen yesterday. :)

RedSox82696 03-04-2010 09:01 PM

Does Mr. Miles hand write every letter? If so, that is impressive. He gets quite a few cards from the other boards I've been on.

I'm jealous of that Pesky. Very nice!

crdboy 03-04-2010 10:49 PM

Glad you like the Pesky!

uwmoring 03-05-2010 03:40 AM

I love the Dan Jansen I watched him win that gold medal. Very awesome.

danmecum51 03-05-2010 04:32 PM

A FEW MORE TODAY! Paul Johnson GATECH FB coach, Matt Painter PURDUE BSKBALL coach, CAEL SANDERSON PENNST WRESTLING coach, and my favorite so far, Chip Kelly Head Coach for the Oregon Ducks :)


Zerokruel 03-05-2010 04:35 PM

I like the Cael Sanderson! Great collection going on here.

danmecum51 03-05-2010 11:00 PM

[QUOTE=Zerokruel;490329]I like the Cael Sanderson! Great collection going on here.[/QUOTE]

thanks i have about 100 TTMS out, and about 40 coaches i have emailed. I would imagine they should all be rolling in wihtin the month ahead :) :) i have to gear up at start sending stuff to college seniors :)

Jacquo1972 03-06-2010 12:16 PM

[QUOTE=danmecum51;490831]thanks i have about 100 TTMS out, and about 40 coaches i have emailed. I would imagine they should all be rolling in wihtin the month ahead :) :) i have to gear up at start sending stuff to college seniors :)[/QUOTE]

I'm new to autos TTM. Do you mind sharing how you are able to get so many college coaches email addresses? I only have two out at the moment. One is an email request for Coach K from the addresses you gave me, and the other is for Steve Alford who is New Mexico's basketball coach. I sent him a pocket schedule with his IU player picture on it from 1987. I hope he signs it.

ChicagoCubsWS 03-06-2010 01:28 PM

[QUOTE=Jacquo1972;491156]I'm new to autos TTM. Do you mind sharing how you are able to get so many college coaches email addresses? I only have two out at the moment. One is an email request for Coach K from the addresses you gave me, and the other is for Steve Alford who is New Mexico's basketball coach. I sent him a pocket schedule with his IU player picture on it from 1987. I hope he signs it.[/QUOTE]

Dan sent me a list, but pretty much just go to your university website you want, and look for a contact info tab. I think you go to athletics or look for the coach name...I'm sure he'll post more info though.

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