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blowoutcards 07-27-2007 09:15 AM

Forum Rules
Please read these rules and guidelines before posting/using the forums. Please PM an administrator if you have any questions. These rules are subject to change.

Rule #1: If you feel a post is inappropriate, please report it by clicking on the "Report Post" link that is available at the bottom left of every post (looks like this [IMG][/IMG]).

Rule #2: Absolutely NO referrals or self-promotion of any kind are allowed on the forum unless specifically approved by an admin or mod in advance. This includes posting referral or affiliate links, or asking members to sign up under you for something. No plugs for blogs and/or any other websites; if you would like to cross-promote, please contact us. Personal webpages with a want list are ok (no commercial webpages/links; ie. any webpages that sell, have ads, etc..) This is not allowed even if the promoted site does not directly compete with us. [Let me explain the main reasoning behind this rule; if we allow one member to post a referral and make some money, then eventually everyone will post their own and it will get out of to be fair, those posts will not be allowed.]

Rule #3: Any member trying to accumulate or collect email addresses for their own bulk email purposes will be banned. This includes any creative attempt or act promoted as something positive on the message boards.

Rule #4: Do not solicit other members via PM. If you receive such a PM from another member, please forward it to an admin or mod immediately.

Rule #5: To keep the forum organized and easier to read and search, please post in the appropriate forum. Also, please post a title that is appropriate AND informative for your post (ie. "6 box break of 2007 Bowman Chrome Baseball" or "Question about short print variations 2008 Topps Heritage Baseball", and NOT "OMG L@@K here!" or "Wow! can't believe this!")

Rule #6: When starting a new thread, edit/update the original post if appropriate. This is another guideline to help keep the forum organized and easier to read and search (after all, many members are here to find information and we want to make the information easy to find). This applies anywhere in the forum, but probably mostly in the Box/Case Breaks section and in the B/S/T section. For example, if you sell a product or change the price, update the original post so others don't have to scroll through pages of posts to find out the most current info. Same applies for breaks, especially live breaks...update the original post with a summary of the break so if someone views it later, they don't have to look through pages of posts and comments to see the actual break.

Rule #7: Avoid reposting topics that have been discussed before. If you are not sure, check our Forum FAQs and/or perform a search before opening a new thread. If it has been posted about before and you have more to add, feel free to bring the topic to the top by posting in it again. If you are unsure about how to search the forums, please see our Forum FAQs.

Rule #8: If you are harassed or threatened by another member, please PM one of the admins or mods. Report the post or PM by clicking on the "Report Icon" that is available in every post and received PM[/IMG])

Rule #9: Post about what you will, but avoid confrontational topics. [URL=""]Trolling[/URL] and [URL=""]flaming[/URL] will not be tolerated by the admins or mods. Opinions will vary and shouldn't be taken personally. Keep posts respectable. Avoid drama at all costs.

Rule #10: Sales of single cards are permitted in the B/S/T (buy/sell/trade) forum. Please out of courtesy, no sales/trades of wax/supplies or mention of other competitors. We have many competitors on this board checking daily due to the excellent insight that our members provide.

Rule #11: Do not post your e-mail address on the forum. There is no legitimate reason for you to need to do so. Use the PM (private message) system that is provided.

Rule #12: Because many involved in the community also frequent the forums from work, threads that are risqué should be marked as “Not Safe For Work” or “NSFW.”

Rule #13: For [URL=""]Group Case Break[/URL] and [URL=""]Buy/Sell/Trade[/URL] rules, please read the rules in their respective forums.

Rule #14: Blowoutcards reserves the right to remove posting privileges by any member at any time at its own discretion. If you have any question regarding the rules or any application thereof, please PM one of the admins or mods regarding the matter.

Rule #15: Do not create additional accounts. Additional accounts will be deleted or banned along with the original account.

Rule #16: No gambling allowed. Use your better judgment in general...we can't list everything but anything illegal is obvious and implied. Doing Fantasy leagues are allowed. No paid superbowl squares.

Rule #17: User profiles (avatar, signature, ebay/comc links, etc) - Users have the ability to edit their profile to provide information about themselves or just to express themselves. Please keep avatar pictures safe for work. In the provided areas for ebay/comc accounts, please only list working accounts that belong to you. Do not list any other member names in your signature; itrader and the member feedback section are the appropriate venues for that subject. Please do not use your signature or avatar to offend other members or the site. Signatures and/or avatars may be removed by admin/mods at any time and your ability to use these functions may be suspended or revoked.

Rule #18: Promotions conducted by Blowout Cards are designed to increase consumer awareness of and interest in the Blowout Cards services and website. By entering any promotion, each member accepts and agrees to be bound by the decisions of Blowout Cards, which shall be final and binding in all respects. Blowout Cards reserves the right to modify these rules for clarification purposes and for the promotion's fairness and/or integrity. Blowout Cards in its sole discretion, may disqualify any member(s) from participating in any promotion(s), if the member engages in any conduct Blowout Cards deems to be improper, unfair or otherwise adverse to the operation of the promotion or detrimental to other members. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of each of the winners. No substitution or transfer of a prize is permitted except by Blowout Cards. Blowout Cards reserves the right to substitute a prize for one of equal or greater value in the event that an advertised prize is unavailable.

* For more information and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, see our [URL=""]Forum FAQs[/URL] section. *

iluvfish2 03-20-2013 07:41 PM

Rule has been updated

Rule #16: No gambling allowed. Use your better judgment in general...we can't list everything but anything illegal is obvious and implied. Doing Paid Brackets and Fantasy leagues are allowed

houdini 01-31-2017 06:17 PM

Added no superbowl squares to the gambling thread.

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