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Frenchghost 01-06-2014 12:53 PM

New from France

I'm Franck, 42, from La Rochelle (on the Atlantique coast).

I discoverd football in 86 and enjoy the Giants road to SB XXI.

I began to be interested on baseball in the early 90's.

I was lucky, we have a team in town (don't laugh, it's not so common in France) and I play for a while . I was a good oufielder but an average hitter.

I think our N1B level at this time - around the 30 th or 40 th place in best teams in France - could be compare to a good highschool in USA).

I help the team by becoming a member of the board, a scorekeeper, the softball trainer and an umpire.

I began to collect football and baseball cards in the early 90's (1st box bought : Pro set FB 1991).

Now, I'm focus on my Barry Sanders collection (my favorite player) and only the Topps regular base card of greats stars for FB & BB from 90's to now.

I'm tired of eBay and some unfair overseas shipping fee policy and hope I could find here a good chance to complete my collections.

I'll post soon some WTB list.

smalltown 01-06-2014 01:16 PM

Bienvenue. You live in a beautiful area. Was there many years back.

SerialKilnWalkr 01-06-2014 04:22 PM

Bonjour, bienvenue sur les forums

barberromo2008 01-06-2014 09:05 PM

Welcome to the boards…i still buy 91 pro set football boxes just for fun.

burgbasher 01-06-2014 11:34 PM

Welcome aboard.

Frenchghost 01-11-2014 08:35 AM

Thanks everybody

Wolfie3300 01-11-2014 07:00 PM

Bienvenue à notre ami de l'autre bord de l'Atlantique...est-ce que les collectioneurs sont nombreux chez vous et autre part à l'Europe?

Welcome to the boards. Awesome if I say so myself. I always look forward to more international collectors. I've had some great trades with folks from overseas.

Frenchghost 01-15-2014 10:55 AM

[QUOTE=Wolfie3300;6448213]Bienvenue à notre ami de l'autre bord de l'Atlantique...est-ce que les collectioneurs sont nombreux chez vous et autre part à l'Europe?[/QUOTE]


Je vis dans une "petite" ville d'environ 100 000 habitants. Si certains sports américains ont populaires en France mais assez peu pratiqués à cause des infrastructures (football, baseball, hockey), la collection des cartes est encore plus confidentielle.

Avec un autre membre de l'équipe de baseball, on a créé en 1998 une association de collectionneur de cartes. Comme internet n'était pas encore autant développé ni incontournable que maintenant, les échanges se faisaient par des listing envoyés par courrier = pas une bonne solution. On a laissé tombé en 2002.

A ma connaissance il n'y avait qu'un seul "vrai" magasin de cartes en France, sur Paris, autour duquel gravitait la communauté des collectionneurs. Je ne sais pas s'il existe toujours. Au niveau européen... aucune idée. Concernant ce sujet, les USA sont sans aucun doute le "centre du monde".



I'm living in a "small" town of approximatly 100 000. If some US sports are popular in France but not played a lot due to lake of field (football, baseball, hockey), collect sportcards is even more confidential.

With another member of the baseball team, we create in 1998 a collector's association. As internet wasn't so much big and inescapable as now, trades was done by listing send by post = not a good option. We drop it in 2002.

According to my knowledge, there was only one "real" store of sportcards in France, in Paris, where the colloctor's community meets. I don't know if it still open. No clue for europe. For this point, USA are without contest the "center of the world".

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