Please Note! We have made some changes to the requirements for cards that we are accepting since the last time we ran this Program!

Blowout Cards is in need of 10,000+ 
Game Used & Autographed Cards!

Baseball ONLY!

Here's your chance to TRADE all of those Game Used and Autographed cards that you either can't sell or don't want in exchange for CREDIT towards purchases on!

All submissions will be processed within 15 business days of receipt of your shipment!

Blowout Cards is pleased to offer the following Trade Rates as of 8/29/14:

Trade in your cards for credit towards purchases on! We will issue credit as a Gift Certificate for use on the website (redeemable only through

Baseball - $1.25 per Game used or Autographed card

Here are the Guidelines:
  1. Minimum submission must be at least 50 cards.  
  2. All cards submitted MUST follow the strict criteria below. We will not return any cards. Therefore any cards that do not fit the criteria below will not be eligible for trade.
  3. Customer pays for the shipping of the Game used and Autographed cards to us.
  4. All shipments MUST be accompanied by the completed submission form below.
  5. All cards MUST be separated by SPORT.
  6. All cards MUST be separated by Game used or Autograph (if you are submitting a card that has both, please combine it with the other Autographs).
  7. DO NOT use tape to bundle cards together.
  8. DO NOT Topload your cards when sending in (see below for packaging tips).

Tips for packaging/sending in your shipment:
  1. Please remove all cards from Toploaders (card sleeves are ok) and place into hard plastic cases or 100ct - 800ct cardboard boxes.
  2. Next, place your items into a larger box packed tightly and securely around all edges with packing material. (This will save you on shipping costs and allow us to check in your submission as quickly and efficiently as possible).
  3. NEVER use tape to bundle cards together. This slows down the check-in process considerably. 
  4. Please note: we will not be held responsible for any cards damaged in transit. Therefore, it is very important that you protect your cards when sending them in and/or purchase the necessary insurance when shipping.  

Details and Criteria for cards that we accept 
(Please read carefully as criteria has changed since our last buying campaign)

  1. All cards must be 2008 - Present.
  2. Game used, Game worn, Event worn, and Player worn are all accepted.
  3. Jerseys, patches, shoes, balls, hats, gloves, helmets, pants, bases, turf, bats, buttons are all accepted.
  4. We do not accept MANUFACTURED Jersey/Patch cards.
  5. Cards must be Near Mint - Mint condition.
  6. Autographs must be clear and not fading and certified on the card by the manufacturer.  We do not accept in-person autographs.
  7. Player on the card MUST be wearing his Professional MLB Uniform. 
  8. NO Minor league, No World Baseball Classics, NO Team USA, NO All-star game, NO cards where team logo is airbrushed out.
  9. We only accept cards from the following MLB Licensed manufacturers: Topps, Bowman, Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, Leaf Certified, Playoff, Panini.
  10. We DO NOT accept cards from Pacific, Prism, Razor, Leaf Trading Cards, TriStar, ITG, or any other card that is not MLB licensed. 
  11. NO Graded or Encapsulated cards. 
  12. If you have doubts about any of the cards you are submitted, feel free to send an email.
  13. Please note: Any cards that do not fit the above criteria will NOT be returned and will NOT be credited.  So please review your cards carefully before sending them in.

Please click here to print this page and include with your shipment.

Ship with tracking or delivery confirmation to:  Blowout Cards
  Attn: Game Used
  11 Acacia Lane
  Sterling, VA 20166
Phone Number:____________________________________________
E-mail Address:____________________________________________
Total # of cards
included in shipment:
BASEBALL      ______________________________

[ ] Send me credit in the form of a Gift Certificate Code to the following email address (PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY):


Signed: __________________________________________ Date: _______________
All payments will be processed within 15 business days of receipt of your shipment! Thank you!