Online Breaker Discounts

Group Breaker Discounts & Social Media Partnership Program

If you're an online Group Break Host, we invite you to develop a partnership with the industry's leading online retailer of trading cards!  We've helped many of today's industry leading online group breakers grow their businesses from small upstarts to group break juggernauts!

Breakers who purchase their inventory through Blowout Cards receive the following benefits:
- Special Blowout Partner Discounted Pricing!
- Access to the deepest wax inventory levels in the world!  We have a lot of everything!  
- Social Media and advertiser backing from the industry's most recognizable online retail brand - leverage Blowout's brand awareness to help you fill your breaks!

Group Breaker Special Discounted Pricing!

Blowout Cards would like to extend to you Special Discounted Pricing on Boxes & Cases!  We've had hundreds of breakers take advantage of our preferred breaker pricing over the years.  To receive your discount, simply e-mail with the following:

1) List of products you'd like to purchase (minimum $350 order)
2) Current website pricing

Social Media Partnership
- Blowout Cards offers our Group Break partners FREE @Blowoutcards Social Media Tweets to help you fill your breaks!
- Partners who mention @Blowoutcards in their tweets will receive an official Blowout Cards re-tweet to over 13,000+ (and counting) Blowout Cards Twitter Followers!  This is an opportunity to reach the entire industry with the click of a button and its' impact cannot be measured in dollars!
- Not only will you receive Special Breaker Pricing Discounts, but leverage the power of the Blowout Cards brand to help you fill your breaks!

Reach out to us today!