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Blowout Cards pictures at the National!

by Chris

Just wanted to personally say Thank You to everyone who stopped by our booth at the national convention last week in Chicago. I was unable to attend due to family reasons but heard a ton of stories from our staff that were there. Just so you guys can get to know everyone. We had Danny, Dan, Sylvia, Pat, Eric and ...the UNFORGETTABLE FISH !
This is the first National Convention that we've done since the Atlantic City show about 5 years ago. Unlike many of the other wax sellers, we're not that familiar with the show scene. Our layout wasn't fancy nor were our signs, but the most important impression we wanted to make was that we cared about our customers and wanted to give out some really great deals !
We didn't want our guys to go out there and worry about prices and making money. It was really more about meeting those of you who have supported us for years and also meeting new customers. I think the T-shirt giveaway was great...I can't believe some of the crowds around our table ! We heard from so many dealers that "BLOWOUTCARDS ROCKED the SHOW". The promoters of the show came up and asked us what we were doing to get such a crowd. We had all the big MANUFACTURERS wondering the same thing. We even had TRI-STAR come over and personally got involved with our Pack wars and giveaways. We had the Best staff, Best prices, Best service and Best of all....the other sellers all knew it ! That is priceless and Thank You again to everyone.
Eric was our camera nut and took a bunch of these pictures. It was great to see some of the pulls also.I personally like all the family shots all geared up in Blowoutcards T-shirts. I'll be sure to make it out to Cleveland next year and we will make it even better for those who can make it ! I may just take ALL OF YOU OUT TO DINNER on US !  While the other wax guys will try to copy what we did this year, we will be ready with a ton of new promotions and giveaways and marketing and media breakthroughs. Check our how many of our competitors are now doing You-Tube Box Breaks and Message boards as of this WEEK (They are about 1-2 years behind the curve)....We try to be leaders in this industry and we're excited that you are all a part of it as we continue to grow our business.  Hope all of you had a great experience also and we look forward to many more promotions throughout the year.
Thanks again and enjoy the photos and memories.
Chris at Blowoutcards Inc.

Click on the link below to check out some pictures we took at the National in Chicago!

2008 National Show in Chicago

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