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Blowout Auction Tracker (B.A.T.)

by Chris

B. A. T.  (Blowoutcards Auction Tracker)
Blowoutcards Auction Tracker (BAT) is a unique reference tool compiled by collectors that will record and track unique high end sports and entertainment card singles. These will include: High end singles, 1 of 1 Cards and Cut autograph trading cards that are up for sale or have been sold on ebay.
B.A.T. will be updated regulary by the Blowoutcards staff as well as customers and forum members of
Our goal is to compile an extensive list of these cards and to provide this information to the Card collecting Community. We can only accomplish this with your help.
Here's How it Works:
1) For specific new card releases, we will set up a category on our Message Board. The  B. A. T. signal will be notification that we need your help.
2) Collectors will then be able to post Ebay links for any High end singles that they feel are worthy to be noted.
3) To encourage everyone to get involved, we will be giving out $25, $50 or $100 Gift Cards to . Prizes will be awarded to Random Contributors along with those who can find and post some really great auctions.
Based on the success of our Oval office tracker that we had a few months ago, we've received a lot of feedback from collectors. We feel that our B.A.T. will be a game changer in our industry. Not only will the collector have the ability to track new pulls but collectors will now be able to view archived pulls from past releases that can no longer be viewed on ebay as the auctions end.
This will be a "Library of Pulls" that collectors can reference.

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