2006 Press Pass Legends Basketball Hobby Box

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Configuration: 3 mini-boxes per box. 6 packs per mini-box. 5 cards per pack.

Press Pass Legends Basketball offers fans the chance to collect legendary players from the past along with the up and coming legends of tomorrow!

* Look for 1 of 1 Press Plates - At least one per case!
* 5 autographs and 1 game-used jersey in every box - At least 3 of the autos will be Legends!
* At least 1 sequentially numbered card per pack!
* Look for popular red ink variations and inscriptions autographs!

Base Set(70)- 70 base cards including over 50 Legends!

Base Parallels
* Bronze(70) - Sequentially numbered to 999.
* Silver(70) - Sequentially numbered to 499.
* Gold(70) - Sequentially numbered to 99.
* Emerald(70) - Sequentially numbered to 25.
* Platinum(70) - Sequentially numbered to 1.

Press Plates(100)- The actual press plates used to create the cards, numbered to only 1!

Signature Series(70)- Autographed insert featuring the players from the base checklist. Inserted 1:5 packs. Look for rare, autographed signature series press plates!

Alumni Association(10)- Insert featuring 2 alumni from the same school. Inserted 1:9 packs.
* Alumni Association Ink(10) - Parallel featuring dual autos and sequentially numbered to 50 or less.

Legendary Legacy(10)- Insert featuring some of the top players in the history of college basketball. Inserted 1:9 packs.
* Legendary Legacy Marks(10) - Autographed parallel with varying sequential numbering to a maximum of 400.
* Legendary Legacy Marks Platinum(10) - Autographed parallel numbered to 25.

Naismith Award Winners(10) - Insert featuring players who have won the Naismith Award, as the nation's top player. Inserted 1:9 cards.
* Naismith Award Winner Autos(10) - Parallel featuring an autograph and sequentially numbered to 400 or less.
* Naismith Award Winner Autos Platinum(10) - Autographed parallel sequentially numbered to 25.

Saturday Swatches(11)- Material insert featuring 1 swatch of a game-used jersey from a current player. Inserted 1:21 packs.
* Saturday Swatches Platinum(11) - Parallel sequentially numbered to 50.

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