2013/14 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Hobby 12 Box Case

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Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 20 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

BOX BREAK (on average):
- Three (3) Signature Cards. Including One (1) Autographed Future Watch RC
- Two (2) Future Watch unsigned cards
- Get (4-5) Authentic Moments
- Get (1-2) Authentic Moments multi-player
- Five (5) '93-94 SP Retro cards
- Get (2-3) '93-94 SP Retro Silver Skates
- One (1) '93-94 SP Retro Premier Prospects

CASE BREAK (on average):
2-3 Autographed Patch cards
- Ltd. Auto Patches + Auto FW Patch cards

Three (3) Premium Autographs
- Authentic Moments, Single + Multi-Player Autos
- '93-94 SP Retro Autos
- '93-94 SP Retro Silver Skates, Vet + Rookie Autos
- '93-94 SP Retro Premier Prospects Gold Autos
- SP Chirography, Premier Chirography, Immortal Inks, Marks of Distinction
- Sign of the Times Combos (2's, 3's, 4's, 6,'s, 8's)
- Buyback Autos

Get 3 Autograph Cards in every box!
- Including at least 1 Autographed Future Watch Rookie Card!
- See the Double Rookie Class in full effect in the Future Watch subsets!

Collect Future Watch Limited Autograph Patch cards too!
- These huge hits feature a Rookie with a super cool patch, and are #d to 100!

Look for a total of 2-3 Limited Autographed Patch Cards per case!
- Many feature NHL stars, with 3 valuable tiers of numbering (lowest to just 10)!

A Celebration of SP Hockeys 20th Anniversary!
- Find SP Retro Premier Prospects, showcasing Gold Auto versions!
- Also get 93-94 SP Retro Silver Skates, with vets and rookies! Including rare, signed copies which are sure to garner huge values!

Find the typically strong SP Authentic autographs too!
- Highlighted by Immortal Inks and Marks of Distinction!
- Not to be left behind, SP Chirography and Premier Chirography solidify the 13-14 SPA lineup from top to bottom!

Grab noteworthy Authentic Moments cards, featuring single and multi-player versions!
- Look for gold paint pen signed versions, providing big hits too!

SPA trademark Look for Sign of the Times multi-player cards, highlighted by 6s & 8s!


Awesome Autograph Lineup (combining to hit 3 per box, with signed patch cards, on avg!)
- Autographed Future Watch #d to 999
- Sign of the Times
- Sign of the Times Duals #d to 25
- Sign of the Times Trios #d to 15
- Sign of the Times Quads #d to 10
- Sign of the Times Sixes #d to 6
- Sign of the Times Eights #d to 5
- SP Chirography #d to 35
- Premier Chirography -- #d to 75
- Immortal Inks #d to 10
- Marks of Distinction #d to 25
- Authentic Moments Limited Autographs inserted 1:480
- Authentic Moments Limited Multi-player Autographs inserted 1:4,500
- Regular Cards Limited Autos inserted 1:300
- 93-94 SP Retro Autographs inserted 1:288
- 93-94 SP Retro Silver Skates, Vets & Rookies, Autographs inserted 1:1,440
- 93-94 SP Retro Premier Prospects Gold Autos #d to 99

Autographed Patch cards
- Autographed Future Watch Patch #d to 100
- Regular Card Limited Autograph Patch Parallel, Level 1 #d to 100
- Regular Card Limited Autograph Patch Parallel, Level 2 #d to 25
- Regular Card Limited Autograph Patch Parallel, Level 3 #d to 10

Cool SP Retro cards Fortify the SPA Collection!
- 93-94 SP 20th Anniversary Retro inserted 1:4
- 93-94 SP 20th Anniversary Retro Silver Skates, Vets inserted 1:15
- 93-94 SP 20th Anniversary Retro Silver Skates, Rookies inserted 1:15
- 93-94 SP 20th Anniversary Retro Premier Prospects inserted 1:15

More Rookies & Great Moments!
- Future Watch (non-autographed) #d to 1,299
- Future Watch Limited #d to 25
- Authentic Moments inserted 1:5
- Authentic Moments, Multi-player inserted 1:17

Regular Cards
- 150 Regular Cards

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