2013 Fleer Retro Marvel Trading Cards Pack

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Configuration: 5 cards per pack.

- Collect the 60 card base set featuring the top heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe.  Three to Four (3-4) base cards in each hobby pack!
- Look for retro designed inserts of the classic Marvel set including the 1990, 1991 & 1992 Marvel Universe sets, the 1994 Fleer Ultra X-Men set and the 1995 Marvel Metal set.  Ten (10) retro cards per 10 pack mini box!
- Look for the hot Precious Metal Gems Red, Blue and Green parallels of the Marvel Metal insert set.  At least one (1) Precious Metal Gems cards per hobby box!
- Look for one-of-one original art sketch cards.  One (1) Sketch Card per hobby box!
- Look for retro card insert designs based upon some of the hottest inserts on the sports side, including Jambalaya!  Two retro inserts (2) per 10 pack mini box!
- Look for autograph parallel cards from some of the base and insert sets.
- Look for randomly inserted Hologram cards!
- Look for Authentic 1 of 1 press plate cards

Retro designs will include
1990 Impel (Marvel Universe!) (1:12)
1991 Impel (Marvel Universe!) (1:15)
1992 Impel (Marvel Universe!) (1:20)
1995 Fleer Marvel Metal Design (1:10)
- With PMG parallels!
1994 Fleer Ultra X-Men (1:5)
98-99 Skybox Intimidation Nation (1:30)
97-98 Fleer Metal Hardware (1:60)
97-98 Fleer Ultra Stars (1:40)
97-98 Skybox Z-Force Quick Strike (1:40)
97-98 Metal Universe Titanium (1:40)
1994 Marvel Universe S5 Power Blast(1:33)
Fleer Retro Base Set Auto (1:10)
1990 Impel Marketing Design Auto (1:576)
1991 Impel Marketing Design Auto (1:720)
1992 Impel Marketing Design Auto (1:960)
Precious Metal Gems:
- Red (#d to 100)
- Blue (#d to 50)
- Green (#d to 10)
Fleer Retro Stickers (1:10)
97-98 Jambalaya Design (1:200)
Hologram (1:80)

Full color sketch cards
- Standard (1:44)
- Base set variants (1:20)

Autograph content
- Auto parallels of the base and retro sets!

Retro Inserts including Holograms, Power Blast, Stickers, Printing Plates and more!

Regular Cards
- 60 Regular Cards

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