2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Baseball Hobby 16 Box Case

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Configuration: 16 boxes per case. 20 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

THE 231-CARD GOODWIN CHAMPIONS SET returns with beautifully designed VINTAGE THEMES and ALL-NEW 'OUTSIDE-THE-BOX' MEMORABILIA and RELICS!  Collect your FAVORITE BASEBALL STARS from PAST & PRESENT plus CHAMPIONS & PHENOMS from other realms of sport!

Look for the next installment of the eye-popping ENTOMOLOGY CARDS featuring ALL NEW BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES, BEETLES and BUGS!

BREAK SUMMARY: (on average)
Get Three (3) from the following per box:
- Hard Signed Autographs
- Single or Dual Swatch Memorabilia Cards
- Embroidered Patch Cards (approx 5 per case!)
- 1 of 1 Printing Plates

Ten (10) Goodwin Champions Minis per box!
- Look for rare numbered Magician Back and Presidential Back Parallels

One (1) World Traveler 5x7 Box Topper per box

Every pack has either a Mini, a short-print or an insert!

NEW in 2012
Goodwin Masterpieces 1888 Originals
- All cards are original, freshly hand-painted images of the 50 cards in the 1888 Goodwin Champions Set!

Animal Kingdom Patch Cards Continue!
- Continue the collection of Animal Kingdom embroidered patches with all new rare and endangered species!
- Collect cards AK-101 thru AK-200!

It Came From Outer Space!
- Includes an array of meteorite and space debris relics!

New Museum Collection Relics!
- Collect pieces of actual Civil War items!

Military Machines - Two (2) Per Box!
- 25-card insert set featuring a selection of famous military planes, ships, submarines, tanks, and more!


Hard-Signed Autographed Cards:
- Autographs

Memorabilia and Relic Cards:
- Memorabilia
- Dual Memorabilia
- Presidential Memorabilia
- Animal Kingdom Patches
- It Came From Space! Relics
- Museum Collection Relics
- Entomology

Inserts and Parallel Cards:
- Minis
- Minis - Lady Luck Back
- Minis - Magician Back (# to 10)
- Minis - Presidential Back (# to 1)
- Goodwin Masterpieces - 1888 Originals (# to 10)
- Military Machines - 2 per box!
- World Traveler Oversized Cards - 1 per box!

Base Set:
- Regular Cards - 150 cards
- Short Prints - 40 cards
- Super Short Prints - 20 cards
- High Series Minis - 21 cards

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