2007 Upper Deck Elements Baseball Hobby 16 Box Case

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Configuration: 16 boxes per case. 3 mini-boxes per box. 5 packs per mini-box. 3 cards per pack. *

* Three mini-boxes each with its own technology cards - Foil Board, Lt Fx, and PETG!
* Per 15 packs, find one memorabilia card, one signature card, and one auto/mem card, on average!
* Pull low numbered Rare Elements Patch cards!
* Look for numbered auto/mem cards on PETG!
* Collect the rookie cards of Daisuke Matsuzaka, Kei Igawa, Akinori Iwamura, and more on three unique technologies!

Box 1: (Foil Board)
* Regular Cards - 42 on Foil Board
* Rookie Elements (Foil Board) - 42 of today's top newcomers foil numbered!
* Essential Elements Memorabilia Cards - One per Foil Board mini-box on average!
* Dual, Triple, and Quad Elements - Falling one per case, on average!
* Elemental Autographs 2, 3, and 4 - Signatures of baseball's biggest names!
1 of 1 Printing Plates!

Box 2: (Lt Fx)
* Regular Cards - 42 card base set on Lt Fx technology
* Rookie Elements (Lt Fx) - 42 of today's top newcomers foil numbered!
* Elemental Autographs - Signature cards falling one per Lt Fx mini-box on average!

Box 3: (PETG)
* Regular Cards - 42 card base set on PETG technology
* Rookie Elements (PETG) - 42 of today's top newcomers foil numbered!
* Clear Cut Elements and parallels - PETG auto/mem cards numbered to 350 or less, falling one per PETG mini-box on average!

Falling Across All Three Mini Boxes:
* Rare Elements Patches - Foil numbered patch cards falling two per case, on average!

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