Magic the Gathering Time Spiral 36 Pack Lot

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Configuration: 36 packs per lot. 15 cards per pack.

Packaged in 3 boxes of 12 packs each. Factory Sealed. Blister packaging with the plastic bubble used for hanging on hooks in retail stores.

Magic: The Gathering® Time Spiral returns to a post-apocalyptic Dominaria, for some more old-school type carnage, and spotlights favorite cards and abilities from the past, cast in a new light.


* Time Spiral marks Magic's return to Dominaria, the setting of most Magic expansions. Chaos abounds as time itself begins to unravel as a result of the Phyrexian invasion and Karona's war.

* Time Spiral features an unprecedented 422 black-bordered cards and exciting new game mechanics

* Everyone will find something to like in Time Spiral as popular past mechanics, creature types, and characters return.

* A new tournament cycle begins with the release of the this Large Expansion, and experienced players will want to remain on the cutting edge by adding new cards to their collections.