Magic the Gathering Future Sight Booster Box

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Product Description

Configuration: 36 packs per box. 15 cards per pack.

Future Sight concludes the story of post-apocalyptic Dominaria started in Time Spiral and expanded in Planar Chaos.

* The third set in the popular Time Spiral block, Future Sight continues the block's themes.
- Set in Dominaria, the popular home world of most Magic expansions.
- Features the return of popular mechanics and creatures from previous sets

* Expands on the block mechanics: Flash, Suspend, and Split-Second.

* More Time-shifted cards
- As in Planar Chaos the time-shifted cards are part of the set and occur at all rarities.

Set and Product information

* 180 black-bordered cards (60 rare, 60 uncommon, 60 common).
- Some of which are Time-shifted cards.
- Time-shifted cards occur at all rarities.