Magic the Gathering Shards of Alara Block Premium Foil Box

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Configuration:  15 packs per box. 15 cards per pack.


Assemble the Shiniest of the Shards of Alara Block

Planeswalkers have discovered the plane of Alara broken into five shard-planes, the colors of mana divided unevenly between them. Each shard evolved its own unique tri-color themes.

Take one last trip to Alara and collect all 539 foil premium cards, in this handsome foil booster. Each of these boosters contains fifteen foil, black-bordered cards from Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn.

Shards of Alara introduces five new worlds for Magic: The Gathering. Each of the five shard worlds has its own unique creatures, cultures, and magic. Each incorporates three colors of mana and is cut off from the other two.

Bant. Without the destructive or selfish impulses of red and black mana, Bant has become a golden utopia. Angels rule the realm with benevolence and grace. Humans and aven resolve their conflicts with ritualized combat. Duty and honor are the bedrock of this kingdom of light.

Esper. In this world of wind and waves, control is the guiding force. Cut off from the chaos of red and green mana, Esper has become a land ruled by masters of arcane magic. Enigmatic sphinxes counsel powerful wizards and seers. Everything here is observed and controlled. The forces of high magic rule supreme.

Grixis. What becomes of a world without new life? The dark wasteland of Grixis answers the question. Its denizens desperately cling to its remaining life force. Without the communal forces of green and white to bring life and compassion, it's every ghoul, demon, and necromancer for themselves.

Jund. In the absence of white or blue mana, Jund has devolved into a roiling, primordial cesspit. Dragons top the food chain, at home in Jund's countless volcanoes. While they stalk the skies, the humans, viashino, and goblins of the world lie low in Jund's tar-spotted, vine-choked canyons.

Naya. Life, passion, community, and the wild-these are what flourish without the influence of black or blue mana. In this lush land, life is celebrated. Instinct triumphs over machination. Titanic predators are shown respect, while humans, elves, and leonin seek to revere and respect nature.