Magic the Gathering 2012 Core Set M12 Event Deck Box

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Configuration:  6 event decks per box. 75 cards per pack.

This display box contains 6 Event Decks. Brimming with power, each contains what you need to be immediately competitive: A ready to play 60 card deck, 15-crad sideboard, deck strategy insert, Magic "learn-to-play" guide and a Spindown life counter.

The right deck, right now!

Event decks let you jump into tournament play with a powerful deck that will give you a fighting chanve. Each Standard-Legal Event Deck contains 60 cards from a variety of sets and also includes a 15 card sideboard. Rest assured that each one of these weapons was handpicked to inflict pain on every foe.

Grab an Event Deck and try it out at a Friday Night Magic or Game Day event near you!