Magic the Gathering 15th Anniversary 2 Player Starter Deck Box

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Configuration: 5 decks per box.

Two-Player Starter Game

The trading card game category was created in 1993 with the introduction of Magic: The Gathering. Fifteen years later, the world's first Trading Card Game is still the best, and is considered the defining product in the category.

You are a Planeswalker.
You are one of the most powerful spellcasters in the multiverse. Other planeswalkers will challenge you with an arsenal of spells and legions of creatures. To emerge victorious, you must outwit them with weapons of your own...
This updated Two-Player Starter Game now includes an exclusive foil rare promo card, and still contains everything a new player would need to start slinging spells as a planeswalker. Inside, new players will find an easy-to-read rules insert, two booster packs of 10th Edition product, and enough land cards two people would need in order to get started.

Key Selling Points:
- Perfect entry point for new players, at a low MSRP.
- The Fifteenth Anniversary edition now includes an exclusive foil rare promo card.
- New players are introduced to Magic game play with Tenth Edition booster packs Set and Product Information
- Contains two Tenth Edition booster packs, one foil premium card, a learn to play insert, and land pack