Magic the Gathering From the Vault: Dragons Box Set

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Includes 15 black-bordered premium foil dragon cards, each printed with a distinctive finish.
6 dragon cards feature new artwork.
Features some of the most popular dragon cards from Magic's 15-year history.
Cards appearing in From the Vault: Dragons are legal in formats in which those cards appeared in expansion sets.
A full-color collector's insert that includes a list of every dragon card printed in Magic's 15 year history, rules for the Elder Dragon Highlander casual format, and a brief description of each of the 15 dragon cards.
A spin-down life counter featuring the From the Vault: Dragons expansion symbol.
Includes Hellkite Overlord, a dragon from the Shards of Alara expansion.


- Bladewing the Risen
- Bogardan Hellkite
- Draco
- Dragon Whelp
- Dragonstorm
- Ebon Dragon
- Form of the Dragon
- Hellkite Overlord
- Kokusho, the Evening Star
- Nicol Bolas
- Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
- Rith, the Awakener
- Shivan Dragon
- Thunder Dragon
- Two-Headed Dragon