Yugioh Zane Truesdale GX Duelist Booster Box

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Configuration: 30 packs per box. 5 cards + 1 strategy card per pack.

Create the Deck based on everyone's favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animates series character Zane Truesdale. Zane's "Cyber Dragon" has the standard in Deck creation in the current format. Wield the power of Zane's favorite cards or just collect his Deck and "Get your Game on!"

Duelist Packs were one of the best sellers of 2006 don't miss out on the new Duelist Packs.

Key Selling Points:

* Acquire Zane's best cards!
* New cards in Zane Truesdale Duelist Packs never seen before outside of the cartoon.
* A unique Strategy Card designed to further your skill with the character's Deck!
* Modify current Structure Decks or add them to Starter Decks for your own take on the GX theme.
* Increase multiple purchases with an enticing price point!

Each Duelist Pack Zane Truesdale contains:

* 5 cards and a Strategy card in every pack.
* Collect 17 common cards (4:1), 7 Rare cards (1:1), 4 Super Rare cards (1:6), 2 Ultra Rare cards (1:24), and 10 Strategy cards per Jaden 2 and Aster sets.