Yugioh Light of Destruction Special Edition Box

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Configuration: 10 mini-boxes per display box. 3 packs per box + 1 of 2 new cards per mini-box. 9 cards per pack.


Light up your Duels with the Light of Destruction Special Edition for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME!
Take on any foe with the heroic strength of the new "Lightsworn" monsters as well as the Arcana Force cards or give your current Decks a boost with powerful new LIGHT monsters.
With 100 cards to collect, including 20 cards exclusive to the American and European regions, Light of Destruction Special Edition has something for every Duelist.

Selling Points:
- Get 3 booster packs for a great deal. Special Editions are the best way to complete your Light of Destruction collection!
- Each Special Edition comes with 1 of 2 new and powerful promo cards.
- "Kuraz the Light Monarch" expands the power of the famous line of Monarch monsters. Use it to destroy any 2 cards, even when Special Summoned.
- "Soul Rope" can Summon any Level 4 monster from your Deck to replace a monster you lose in battle. This Trap can be used to harness the power of the new monster, "Honest," even quicker!