Yugioh Magician's Force (MFC) Unlimited Edition Booster Box

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 9 cards per pack.

This set strengthens the Spellcaster-Type cards, including Yugi's signature monster, the Dark Magician. Magician's Force includes a ton of Spellcasters with effects that allow a duelist to get Dark Magician out of their deck faster, and make him far more powerful in play.
It also strengthens Yugi's favorite Warrior monster, Buster Blader, and even allows you to fuse Dark Magician and Buster Blader into the Dark Paladin: The Ultimate Magical Swordsman.

Look for the following great cards: Dark Magician Girl (Secret Rare), Dark Paladin (Ultra Rare), Luster Dragon (Ultra Rare) Plus Many More!