Yugioh Ancient Prophecy Special Edition Box

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Configuration:  10 mini-boxes per box. 3 booster packs + 1 variant cards per mini-box.

Duelists get another chance to get all their favorite cards from the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's TRADING CARD GAME booster release, Ancient
Prophecy with the Ancient Prophecy Special Edition!

Each Special Edition box comes with three packs of Ancient Prophecy and 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards, "Solar Recharge" or "Red-Eyes Wyvern." "Solar Recharge" will be extremely popular for Duelists with Lightsworn Decks which are among the most popular and powerful in today's Organized Play environment. "Red-Eyes Wyvern" is a card that has never before been released in North America and is critical for Summoning "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" - the vital combo in any modern Dragon Deck.

Great value and powerful variant cards will make the Ancient Prophecy Special Edition a must-have for players of all skill levels.

3 Booster Packs + 1 Super Rare Variant Card per Special Edition Box
10 Special Edition Boxes per Display Box