Yugioh Strike of Neos Special Edition Box

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Configuration:  10 decks per box. 3 packs + 2 variant cards per deck.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Special Editions are back!
Strike of Neos - Special Edition in a new 3-pack blister configuration with 2 variant cards that will help you get to the top of your game. This Special Edition includes 2 Strike of Neos packs and an Enemy of Justice pack along with a new version of the "Cyber End Dragon" card and the infamous "Shrink" card, previously only available to Shonen Jump Champions!

A great value that is too good to pass up, get your Strike of Neos - Special Edition and "Get your Game on!"

Selling Points:

* The Strike of Neos -Special Edition is Packed with value
* The only way to get the cool Alternate Art "Cyber End Dragon"
* The first time "Shrink will be available outside of the Shonen Jump Championship
* Strike of Neos is the first set since Ancient Sanctuary that Secret Rare technology is available in the booster set.
* Collect and play cool new tournament worthy themes as well as expand upon current Deck themes

Pack Configuration:
35 Common cards (8:1),
14 Rare cards (1:1), 7 Super Rare cards (1:6),
4 Ultra Rare cards (1:24)

Special Edition Deck Content:

* 2 Packs of "Strike of Neos", 1 Pack of "Enemy of Justice", 1 Alternate Art "Cyber End Dragon", and 1 "Shrink" card