Yugioh Jaden/Chazz GX Duelist Unlimited Ed. Booster Box [Pair]

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Configuration: 30 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

1 box of Jaden Unlimited Edition Duelist Packs and 1 box of Chazz Unlimited Edition Duelist Packs.


6 cards per pack ( 5 game cards and 1 strategy card)
Boxes are character specific(Jaden boxes contain only Jaden cards, Chazz boxes contain only Chazz cards).
Lower price point for new Duelists to join the hottest trading card game!
Includes 1 Rare card in every pack!
Jaden set includes 30 cards used by Jaden on the show

Now you can create your own Deck based on your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animates series character. With the Jaden Yuki and Chazz Princeton Duelist Packs their moves and combos are at your fingertips. Support your squad of Elemental Heroes with new Fusions, equipment, and tricks from Duelist Pack Jaden Yuki. Evolve Armed Dragon to the highest Level, and cast new powerful Spells, like "Ring of Defense", from Duelist Pack Chazz Princeton. Just add these cards to your staple Deck and "Get your Game on!"

Duelist Pack Jaden Yuki and Duelist Pack Chazz Princeton bring both of their cards straight to you. Each pack has 5 cards right out of their Deck, plus a strategy card that gives you tips about how to use them best. Each Duelist Pack set has 30 different cards to collect, and 5 of those cards can't be found anywhere else. That's 5 exclusive Chazz cards and 5 exclusive Jaden cards: 10 powerful brand new cards total!

Based on the comic book and #1 Boys animated series -- Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG enters the next generation with the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animated series. Set years in the future, in a land inaccessible to the rest of the world, at the premiere Dueling high school Duel Academy. This special boarding school educates promising young Duelists to achieve their full potential. The stories follow Jaden Yuki and his friends as they Duel their way to become the next "King of Games".