Yugioh Yugi/Kaiba Evolution Starter Deck Box

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Configuration: 10 decks per box. 40 cards per deck.

5 Yugi Decks. 5 Kaiba Decks.

Each Deck includes 40 cards (39 commons and 1 Ultra rare), rulebook, and playmat.

The third installment of Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Starter Decks is the best to date. Introducing the Yugi and Kaiba Evolution Starter Decks featuring newly evolved monsters and strategies from Yugi and Kaiba's original decks. These powerful new cards will enhance even the most formidable of decks.

Evolution Starter Decks are new configurations of Yugi and Kaiba's decks, with powerful new cards. Enhanced Yugi and Kaiba's signature monsters and strategies. Reissued, hard-to-find cards for retired sets now available. Revised and clarified language on older cards make play even more engaging. Key cards that will strengthen any Deck!!!