VS System DC World's Finest Booster Box

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 15 cards per pack.


The Greatest Heroes of All Time!

Help the Man of Steel gather his forces to foil the machinations of the Revenge Squad, while the inmates of Arkham have banded together, and only the Batman and his allies can stop them. In the wings are the Outsiders, heroes who get things done their way. The DC Universe has been to both the 31st Century and weathered a Crisis, and now the best of the best have gathered together in this latest Vs. System booster release, the most exciting super hero TCG ever!

- The set features top DC Comics characters, including Batman, Superman, Robin, Supergirl, The Joker, Lex Luthor, and many more!
- High-quality original artwork on every card, including work by premier DC Comics artists
- Product line is supported by extensive Upper Deck organized play programs, including Hobby League, sanctioned tournaments and the Pro Circuit
- Fully compatible with all Vs. System Super-Hero TCG's.

World's Finest includes:
110 Common Cards - 55 Uncommon Cards (13:1)
55 Rare cards (1:1)
Complete parallel foil set (1:1)