VS System Marvel Legends Booster Box

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 14 cards per pack.

This is it True Believers!

The most legendary Marvel heroes and villains are here and ready to face off in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil! Ever wonder which superhero would win in a fight, or what would happen if that superhero turned evil?

All of your classic questions can finally be answered in the Marvel Trading Card Game!

Booster Key selling points:
" This set features top Marvel characters and teams, including Spider-Man, the X-men, Dr. Doom, and many more!
" Collect UDE points and redeem them for special Vs. System cards and accessories online.
" Extensive Upper Deck Organized Play programs, including Hobby League, sanctioned tournaments, and the Pro Circuit!
" Fully compatible with all Vs. System Super Hero Trading Card Games.
" Amazing original artwork by premier Marvel artists.

143 Common Cards (12:1)
77 Rare cards (1:1)
Complete parallel foil set (1:1)