Chaotic "Silent Sands" Starter Box

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 9 cards per deck.


Chaotic® is the ground-breaking new collectible trading card game that takes TCG's to the next level with the integration of free online gameplay, The Chaotic Online Game Experience.
Enter the cards unique alphanumeric codes at, to build armies, challenge friends, trade cards, and take part in web-based messaging and forums.
The third installment in the expansion of the highly successful Chaotic Trading Card Game, the Silent Sands™ Booster Set, becomes available in June, adding another 100 exciting new cards and opening up countless new deck building possibilities.

- Silent Sands, the third set of the Chaotic Trading Card Game.
- 100 New Cards have been added:
* 35 New Creatures
* 10 New Battlegear
* 30 New Attacks
* 10 New Locations
* 15 New Mugic™
- New Creature types will be introduced to your army including Assimilated Danians, Warbeasts, Conjurors and Chanters. Also look out for Progressive Attacks, Zero-Cost Mugic, and semi-permanent Locations.
- The Story of Perim continues to unfold, with the crafty Mipedian Tribe taking center stage.

Marketing Support
- Consumer Events - Experience the buzz of Chaotic at key 2008 industry trade shows including: ComicCon International, Gen Con, Fan Expo Canada and more.
- Print Advertising and Editorial - Chaotic will be featured prominently in key gamer magazines throughout the year, including Scrye, Beckett, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics.
- National Television Advertising - Chaotic is supported by 30- and 15-second spots throughout the year on FOX, Nickelodeon, MTV, Cartoon Network and more.

Organized Play
- Online and Offline Tournaments are in full swing Nationwide and in Canada.
- Retailers can order FREE Organized Play Kits which will include exclusive 3-card Chaotic packs to support in-store play.
- Look for upcoming announcements on Advance Scout Events, Chaotic Pre-Release events that your store can run.
- Go to to sign up or get more information.

Chaotic Animated Series
- Catch Chaotic, the animated series based on the trading card game, every Saturday on 4Kids TV (FOX), daily on Jetix (Toon Disney), and in Canada on Teletoon.
- Check for local listings and to watch streaming episodes of Chaotic.
- Chaotic is also available on Comcast Video on Demand.
- By watching the show players gain knowledge and strategies that will ultimately help them master the game, for both online and offline play.